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Does teaching pay well?

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It can be, though many people think teachers are "underpaid." Whether the money is good enough for you depends on who you are, where you are, etc. See the related question to the right, "How much money does a teacher earn?" for more information.

2009-05-03 08:40:28
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Q: Does teaching pay well?
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What are some good careers in biology that pay well?

There are quite a few careers that are offered in the field of biology that pay well. Lab researchers for cosmetic and drug companies. Teaching also pays well one you have tenure.

Is teaching in a fun way good or bad?

This depends, if the students are actually learning something, then fun-teaching is a better way for students to learn. They pay more attention, and care more about in class work, and homework. However, if you teach in such a creative way that the students become totally distracted and do not pay attention to the teaching material, you might as well not have taught them anything.

How much does a Ph.D earn teaching at Harvard?

Most Harvard profs are also well known and respected in their fields so they get premium pay. Not every PhD is a professor. Many are teaching assistants or assistant professors. But Harvard is one of the world's premier universities so they want the best and must pay accordingly.

AICTE pay scale for MBA faculties?

If they are NET and SET qualified they should go for teaching otherwise not fit for teaching

What is a relation between school and teaching?

Well, school is more important then teaching in a since.

What is the pay scale for school teacher as per fifth pay commission?

An old fiends mom was teaching in a school

Pay of a maths teacher?

It depends whether you are private teaching or teaching in school. if you are private teaching, it depends on the no. of students you teach. You can charge between $10 an hour to $50 an hour. if you are teaching in school, your monthly pay can be between $1500 and $ 8000, depending on whether you have a PHD or a masters degree. it also depends on whether you are the HOD or a trainee.

What kind of job can you get with a studies degree?

You can get teaching jobs with a studies degree. You can get very good pay teaching in labs or on college campuses or even some high schools. Teaching is a great job.

When did Susan B. Anthony start teaching?

In 1839, she began teaching at Eunice Kenyon's Friends' Seminary to pay off her father's debts. In 1846, she began teaching at Canajoharie Academy. In 1849, at age 29, she quit her job of teaching.

What are the problems in teaching mapeh?

the problem in teaching mapeh in the philippines is lack of facilities and equipment and as well as the deped policy...

How much money does it take to become a teacher?

To be a teacher, you have to get a bachelor's degree as well as a teaching certificate in the state where you want to teach. In order to get the teaching certificate, you might have to travel somewhere to do your student teaching for at least one semester, so you might have to spend extra money for housing and/or transportation during that semester. So, figure out how much your tuition, housing, food, and books will be to get the bachelor's degree, and then add the semester for student teaching. Some teaching certificates require a master's degree, so you might have to get a second degree, which will add at least another year, and maybe 2 years, to your program. You will have to pay graduate tuition to get that degree. Once you have your teaching certificate, it is hard to find a job, and the pay is not very good.

What is difference between traditional teaching and communicative teaching?

=well its all about the trend girl traditional teaching is when you copevac the tranmids and communicative is very lets say frackvillieish.=

How much in average do schools pay to hire teachers?

It depends on the country and the level at which they are teaching.

What are the possible causes of having low grades of the students in school?

It is either that the student doesn't pay much attention in class or doesn't study at home or that the teacher doesn't do her/his job very well at teaching.

What kind of jobs a nutrition specialist get?

There are many jobs that you can go after. Schools are looking for teachers for nutrition classes as teaching kids healthy lifestyles is big now. These positions pay quite well too.

How is math used in a teaching career?

Well, you teach it to students

What can job can you do at the age of 48?

well it won't be teaching English.

Do you have to pay for mozilla Firefox?

Well, actually you do not have to pay for it.

What pays more money bartending or teaching?

Well it depends on what type of teaching and where your bartending, research a little further on you qeustion then ask again in more detail. For example what type of teaching.

To study towards a degree while teaching without pay is called?

Typically, they a teacher's assistants.

What are the highest paid teaching jobs?

If you are thinking about a job in the education industry, then you should be more focused on helping out the next generation, as well as the community, as being a teacher, quite frankly, does not yield much financial gain. Holding a teaching career within a university, however, maybe be the best option for a higher pay.

Are teaching jobs in the U.S.A in demand?

Yes, teaching jobs in the U.S.A. are in demand. They do require a college education. Also, although they are in demand, teaching positions in the U.S.A. often do not offer high pay unless one teaches at a university level.

What is the teaching assistant's salary?

Teaching assistants usually get a small salary, plus money for tuition. It can range from as low as $4,000 to as much as $30,000 for a year as a teaching assistant. But there are so many determining factors that can change your pay, experience effecting it the most.

UGC-New Pay and Arrears of Basic Pay of Rs8000?

scale pay 12000-420-18000 maximum how much salary a reader can draw afer 15 year teaching experience?

What is the difference between administration and staff?

Administration is a member of the University who has a licensed teaching degree, and a staff member does not have a licensed teaching degree. The pay of a administration and staff member are very different.