Does temperature affect pH level in the vagina?


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Temperature does not affect pH.

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The higher the temperature, the higher the pH level (less acidic). The lower the temperature, the lower the pH (more acidic).

The storage temperature affects the pH of lemon juice. When the temperature is too low, the pH level increases, hence temperature and pH level are inversely proportional.

hoe does temperature affect the chemical change in an apple

The pH level, temperature, and the substrate concentration

The pH level of the vagina will increase with a STD.

Temperature Dissoved Oxygen pH level

yes, because temperature effects the concentration of hydrogen ions, which is what in turn effects pH values

Yes. It is more acidic at a lower temperature. It is more base at a higher temperature.

-Heat, temperature, &pHtemperature, pH level, concentration of enzyme, concentration of substrate( my sec.1 science book)

Temperature, pH level, and I think the amount of substrates

Ph level, enzyme concentration, substrate concentration etc

This is quite simple. Temperature affects the pH levels in soil because of the heat. Depending on the intensity, the pH level in the soil will either increase or decrease to balance.

They affect the river by changing the temperature of the water, if the pH levels are high then the water is warmer and if the pH levels are low then the water is cold.

Substance concentration, enzyme concentration, temperature and PH level

Yes, because temperature effects the concentration of hydrogen ions, which effects pH values: The higher Temperature, the higher [H+] , the lower pH. Even in pure water pH is lower: Neutral H2O at 37°C >> pH=6.81

pH value is very dependent on the temperature.


Ph level accelerates enzymes and temperature slows the process down

The higher the CO2 level, the lower the pH.

To define pH you need to define the temperature you are talking about - at higher temperature, pH increases.

Yes because the enzymes in the substance become more or less acid due to the temperature

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