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no the 94 model does not need shims for proper starter installation.

Additional information re starter replacement:

I replaced the starter on my 95 Aerostar, and there are somethings you should be aware of. The starter is located on the left (driver's) side of the engine. It is easily accessible just behind the front wheel. I used a floor jack and jack stand to lift the van for easier access.

If you don't know what you are doing seek professional advice. NEVER get under the vehicle when it is just resting on the jack, unless your nickname is "pancake"!

Disconnect the battery. Once under the vehicle disconnect the two wires on top of the old starter motor. One is the red cable from the battery. It has a ring terminal and can be removed with a 13 mm socket. The other is a wire from the ignition. On my original unit it connected to the starter with a spade connector. It just pulls off. The replacement starter (remanufactured and bought at Advanced Auto for $95) has an upgrade to this wire/connector.

Three bolts hold the starter to the transmission housing. They require a 13mm, deep socket for removal. I suggest using penetrating oil or WD-40 to help loosen the bolts. I also recommend using a 1/2 in drive ratchet to get the necessary torque to loosen the bolts.

Remove the three bolts. The two on the top and bottom are typical hex-head bolts (13mm). Remove these first. The middle bolt is different and looks like a threaded stud with a bracket on it. Put the 13mm deep socket over the threaded end and you will find the nut in the middle. This bolt only needs to be loosened until the starter comes off. Leave it in the transmission housing to ease locating and attaching the new starter.

The original spade connector on the ignition wire allowed water to penetrate the wire and cause corrosion. The replacement requires you to cut off several inches of the wire, strip 3/8 in, insert it into a splicing connector and then crimp it. (Not real easy lying on your back under the vehicle). This has to be done after you install the new starter. I also suggest you remove the nut and lock washer from the terminal on the starter that the red battery wire connects to BEFORE installing the starter. It is harder to remove it when the starter is on the vehicle. Don't loose the nut and waher.

Cut, strip and insert the wire into the connector on the end of the wire coming from the new starter. Crimp the wire, and then use heat (I used one of the long neck lighters and ran the flame directly over the shrink wrapping) to seal the connection.

Connect the battery wire to the starter, reconnect the battery and the test BEFORE you take the vehicle off the jack stand.

This is an easy repair. It cost me about $100 (had to buy a 13 mm 1/2 in drive deep socket at Lowes for $8). The alternative was to have the car towed to a shop and spend probably $300 or more to have this done for me, and wait several days. I HATE repairing cars, but this was easy enough and saved me money and time.

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Are shims required on a 305 marine engine starter?

Check the backlash between the starter drive and the ring gear after installation. If it's too tight, use shims.

What does a shim do for a starter?

Shims bring the starter closer or further from the ring gear for proper alignment.

How to get the starter out of a 1995 Chevy Camaro?

Disconnect battery. Then the electrical connection on the starter solenoid. Remove the starter bolts and the starter. Note the location of the spacer shims. Installation is the reverse. Don't forget the spacers shims or you will get noise when starting the vehicle.

How do you install shims on 1991 Chevy s 10 starter?

Do not install the shims. Your starter should work fine.

How do you install a starter on a 1995 camaro V6 3.4L?

disconnect neg battery cable. from underneath the vehicle,disconnect the solenoid wire and battery cable from the terminals on the starter solenoid. remove the 2 starter motor bolts and remove the starter note the location of of spacer shims if any are equiped. installation is reverse. and be sure to replace the starter shims in the same location between the engine and the starter if your model has one.

Do you need shims when replacing starter on a 1996 Isuzu trooper?

If it has shims now and you buy an OEM replacement starter, then use the shims. If it does not have shims then you will not need them. Replace the starter with an exactly duplicate, installed exactly as the original. If in doubt measure the distance from the mounting plate face to the end of the drive gear shaft and make sure that distance in the same on the replacement starter.

Where are the shims on the starter for a 1994 Nissan Quest.?

between the starter and what it is bolted to

How do you change a starter on a 1998 Camaro v6 engine?

Disconnect battery. From underneath, disconnect the electrical wires from the starter solenoid. Remove starter bolts and the starter. Note the location of the spacer shims. Installation is the reverse of removal and make sure you replace the spacer shims so you wont have any screeching noise when starting. If you need more details, include the year and engine size of your camaro.

Does a G20 Chevy van have shims?

There are several shims that could be used such as starter shims (for adjusting drive gear to ring gear), caster/camber shims (for front end alignment), body shims (for aligning body panels),

Where to buy starter shims for 2002 ford escort?

You should be able to buy starter shims at any auto parts outlet. If not their you could get them at the dealers parts department.

What will the starter do if you need shims?

The starter drive gear will be too close to the flywheel, causing a grinding noise when the starter is engaged.

When installing a new starter should the original spacer shims be discarded?

No, you should get new shims from wherever you got the new starter, but if not, make sure they go back into the same position they where. New shims, make sure they are the same thickness as the old ones.

How many shims does a99 Chevy blazer need?

Shims are used to fit the upper control arms, the front fenders, the starter and so on. The number of shims varies for each application.

What would let the starter stay engageed after the key is off starter and solenoid are both new 6cy 4WD 1991 Ford F150?

a bad battery will do this. also make sure the correct shims are used in installation and that the number of teeth on flywheel and starter both match. either of these can make starter hangup and not disengage

How do you adjust a starter in a Chevrolet 350?

There is not an adjustment on a starter except the engagement to the flywheel. That is done with the shims supplied.

What size shim should you use for Chevy s10 starter?

Every application is different. Some use shims and others use no shims.

You think the mechanic failed to replace the shims How do you shim the starter?

Need to know why you think the starter needs to be shimed.

Why does the starter grind after replacement when the old one didn't there where no shims that came with the starter?

Could be some worn teeth on the ring gear, or the starter drive might be too tight when engaged in the ring gear. Shims can be purchased from most auto parts stores.

Why does starter sound like its dragging when starting motor?

It probably needs shims added or subtracted to it. the wrong amount of shims will make it start hard

How do you remove a starter from a Dodge?

Remove the wires, unbolt it. Your starter is conected by two bolts. which secure the starter to the transmission. directly to the left (passenger side) of were your transmission meets your engine. once bolts are removed, your starter should come right off, keep track of starter shims (starter spacers ) if they are necessary for your model. keep in mind not all cars require shims.

How do you replace a starter on a 83 Chevy S-10?

One of the easiest starters ever... 1) Disconnect negative battery cable 2) Remove nut holding power wire to starter. 3)Remove smaller wire(s) to starter. Mark which goes where if several are present, and you don't think you'll remember how it goes. 4)Remove the starter bolts that are locatd directly under the starter. 5)Starter will come out of vehicle at this point. NOTE: Many Chevy's use shims to space the starter from the flywheel. If your vehicle uses them the new starter will likely come with shims. Use the same number of shims as was in the vehicle when you took it apart. If starter grinds when starting after starter replacement you may need to add additional shims.

How do you replace the starter in a 1993 jeep Cherokee?

Chock the wheels, disconnect the negative battery cable.. you might need to lift the front end and put the vehicle on jack stands... It's a pretty straightforward process. You remove the wires from the starter and starter solenoid, and make note of which wires go where. Wires clustered together should be taped together. The starter itself will typically be three or four bolts.. unbolt them, and the starter comes right out... look on the front of the flywheel... IIRC, they're located on the right side on that model. Installation is the opposite of reverse... ensure a proper fit, proper operation when you install the new starter and reconnect the battery... adding shims might be necessary to ensure proper alignment of the bendix and the flywheel.

How do you replace a starter on a 1993 Chevy Camaro 3.4?

disconnect battery. from underneath disconnect battery and solenoid wires from the starter.remove starter motor bolts and note the position of the spacer shims. installation is the reverse making sure to replace the shim in the same position if so equiped.

Where do you place the starter shims on a 95 trooper?

Between starter and block this increases clearance between teeth and flywheel or flex plate.

What could be wrong with a 97 Ford Escort that only gets a click from the solenoid if the starter has been changed and the new battery tested OK?

Check the starter relay Check/Replace the cables going to the starter. It sounds like there is insuffient voltage and current going to the starter. Did you replace the starter? It is possible that the teeth are misaligned during re-installation. Did you foget some washers or shims? The selenoid could be bad.

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