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I have 2004 Sienna XLE and it did not come with HID headlights and was not offered as an option

The Limited comes with HID standard.

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What size is the subwoofer in a 2004 Toyota Sienna XLE? says 8" sub.

What is bolt paterrn of 2004 Toyota Sienna xle?

should be a 5x114.3 bolt pattern

How many miles per gallon does a 2004 Toyota Sienna XLE Limited minivan get?

Our 2004 Sienna van gets about 17 mpg in town and about 21 on the highway.

I have 2004 Toyota sienna XLE limited back up sensor doen't sound Please help?


How do you open the rear door of a Toyota Sienna van when it is jammed?

hi i have 2004 toyota sienna xle limited and the tailgate door not opening it is opens 1 inch then it is shots back i dont know what shod i do

How many quart oil does a 2007 sienna need?

My 2005 Sienna XLE Limited takes 5 quarts with filter change.

What type of oil should be used for a 2003 Toyota sienna le?

What type of oil should be used for a 2003 Toyota sienna xle

What is the oil capacity for a 2001 Toyota Sienna xle?

The Owners Manual says its 5 quarts.

What size speakers are on the front door of a 2001 Toyota XLE Sienna?

6.5" fo a JBL system

2000 Toyota Sienna xle code p0441?

Trouble code P0441 means: Evaporative Emission System Incorrect Purge Flow

When will the 2005 Toyota Siennas arrive? The 2004 2005 Toyota Sienna is NOT redesigned for 2004 2005, it is a CARRYOVER from 2002. The Sienna has three trims. These trims are the CE, LE, and the XLE. All trims are equipped with a 210-horsepower, 3.0-liter, V6 engine that provides 19-mpg in the city and 24-mpg on the highway. Overdrive is standard in a 4-speed automatic transmission. The Toyota Sienna is a mini van. The Sienna is a 4-door seats up to 7 passengers. A CALL to your local Toyota dealer should get an answer. THEY HAVE ARRIVED!

Where the fuse box for Toyota sienna XL 1998?

Its under the dash, there's a little ashtrey it's behind that On my 1998 Sienna XLE, the fuse box is in the engine compartment on the driver's side in a long black box

How do you convert the power door on a Toyota Sienna 2000 xle to a manual door?

Forget it. You would be better off replacing your vehicle with another vehicle.

Where is spare tire on 2007 Toyota Sienna?

If you have the Limited (aka XLE Limited) trim level then it was factory equipped with run-flat tires and there is no spare tire.

How do you turn off the fuel door light on a 2009 Toyota sienna xle?

You don't! It is only telling you which side your fuel door is on not whether the door is open or not.

Where is o2 sensor on a 2004 Toyota Camry xle?

I answered this earlier today. Look for it several weeks forward.

Is 870 dollars a good price to fix front brakes on a 2004 Toyota Sienna XLE including changing rotors?

If you need to replace the pads only, it can cost about $20 and more depending on state and city. If you need to replace rotors or/and calipers, it might cost $400 to $500 on average and more.

What type of transmission fluid does a 2005 Toyota Sienna xle awd need?

use only Toyota tranny fluid 4 quarts do not use any atfer market fluid you'll be sorry if you do.

Will the 2005 Sienna have side curtain airbags as standard or optional equipment in the CE and LE trim levels?

only the XLE AND LIMITED HAVE THAT AND WILL HAVE THAT SO GET THAT. I AM A PROUD OWNER OF A XLE LIMITED WITH ARTIC FROST PEARL. As far as I know the package number 11 (CM) on LE 8 seater had side airbags as an option. Check it out and correct me if my observation is wrong

Why does my 2005 Toyota sienna xle left sliding door only open a few inches then close It will not fully open?

Just a thought. I have a Toyota Sienna also. The gas compartment is on the left side. If the gas compartment is even popped then there is a safety mechanism that will not let the door open. Your compartment might be closed, but you could be having a mechanical problem with the compartment that would cause the safety mechanism to come on. Simple, but could just be it.

What type of tire pressure warning system is used on a 2004 Toyota Sienna XLE AWD?

Special wheel - speed sensors measure each wheel's rotational speed relative to the other wheels, allowing the system to detect low pneumatic pressure in tires. Once under - inflation is detected, a visual warning will alert the driver.

What is the difference between a Camry LE and a Camry XLE?

XLE has automatic heated lether seats, heated mirrors (sometimes optional) and sometimes climate control. Also XLE has V6, when for CE it was optional.

Toyota Sienna XLE 2000 bright lights make up mirror lights lights on the outside of the dashboard don't work. Checked fuses all are good.?

Can you please restate your question because I have no idea what is your problem.

How many miles can a 2011 Camry go after the gas light has come on?

I have the 4 cylinder xle and I can go approximately 70 miles

What does XLE mean on cars?

XLE typically stands for X-tra Luxury Edition. These models will have the most features in the vehicle. You'll see some labeled, L, LE, XLE and differnt versions depending on make/manufacturer.