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The DSi, DSiXL, 3DS, and 3DS XL all have the same charger.

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Q: Does the 3ds use the same charger as the 3dsXL?
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Can you use the 3ds charger for the ds?

you cant use the 3DS charger for the DS/DS Lite, but you can use the 3DS charger for the DSi and the same with the DSi charger, you can use it for the 3DS.

Can 3DS XL use 3DS charger?

Yes, the 3DS XL uses the same charger as the standard 3DS.

Is a DSi charger the same as a 3DS charger?

Yes. The DSi, DSi XL, 3DS and 3DS charge cradle all use the same charger.

Does a 3DS charger work for a 3DS XL?

Yes, they use exactly the same charger, which is the same charger as the two DSi models also.

Will the dsi XL charger work on the 3DS?

Yes, the DSi XL and 3DS use the same charger.

Can you charge a DSi with a 3DS charger?

Yes. The DSi, XL and 3DS all use the same charger.

Can you use the DS charger for the 3DS XL?

No, the original NDS charger is the same as the GBA SP charger and will not work for the 3DS XL.

Can you use the car charger on the Nintendo DSi on the 3ds?

Yes, any charger that fits a DSi can be used to charge a 3DS, 2DS or New 3DS, they all use the same charger.

Can the Nintendo DSi use a 3DS charger?

No. A DSI cant use a 3DS charger.

Does the Nintendo DS lite use the same charger a Nintendo 3DS?

No, the chargers are different.

Can you charge your 3DS with another charger?

Yes, the Nintendo 3DS can use any 3DS charger, as well as the Nintendo DSi chargers.

Does a 3DS XL use the same charger as a DS?

No. The DS uses the black charger. DS lite uses a dark grey one, and the DSi and 3DS all use a pale grey one.

Do you need a charger for a 3DS?

A charger comes with the system or you can use a dsi/dsi XL charger.

Can you use the Nintendo 3DS XL car charger with the Nintendo 3DS?

Yes, their chargers are exactly the same, if one is made for one, it will work with the other.

Does the 3ds XL use the same charger as a DS lite?

No, the DS lite uses a dark grey charger, while the DSi and 3DS (and XL variants) share a pale grey one with a different port.

Can a 3ds charge with a ds lite charger?

No, though it can use a DSi or DSi XL's charger.

Does a Nintendo 3ds plug into a dsi portable charger?

Yes. The DSi and the 3DS use the same charge cable. As well, the DSi charge cable can be used to power the 3DS' charging cradle too.

Can you charge a Nintendo DSi without a charger?

The DSi cannot be charged without its charger. One can be bought from any retailer that sells Nintendo systems. The Nintendo DSi, DSi XL and 3DS all use the same charger.

Can you use a ds ac adapter on a 3ds?

No. The black charger for the DS and the dark grey charger for the DS lite are incompatible with the 3DS. You need the pale grey charger that has been released with all of Nintendo's handhelds from the DSi onwards.

Can you use a sumsung charger for 3DS?

If the port can fit it, it is ok. I tried it before, no problem.

What else can you use for a Dsi charger?

3DS chargers are the same thing. The DSi should come with a car charger too. GameStop sells chargers. If your lucky enough to come across a plug with the same shape, let me know, but I highly doubt you will...

Does the Nintendo 3DS use the same charger as other DS systems?

The 3DS uses the exact same charge cable that is used on the DSi and DSi XL (Part #WPA-002). You can charge the unit either with the cable alone or on the cradle, which the cable plugs into.

does all generations iPod shuffle use the same charger?

Yes most ipods use the same charger

Can I use the Nintendo DS charging cable to charge a DSi XL?

No. The charger for the original DS is only compatible with the DS and Game Boy Advance. The charger that the DSi XL uses is the same as the one used by the DSi and 3DS.

Does Nintendo DS or DSi accessories fit on a Nintendo 3DS?

It depends on what you are using. You can't use the same stylus or case along with the carrier. You can however use you headphones, charger, memory cards, and games.