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Q: Does the Atlantic ocean hold more heat than lake superior?
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How does the ocean hold its heat?

it sunnyy day.........

How do Oceans absorb and hold heat?

i think that it is the ocean absorbs heat through the suns rays.

When did the first African American fly across the Atlantic Ocean?

Bessie Coleman was the first African American to fly across the Atlantic Ocean and was also the first American of any race or gender to hold an international pilot license.

If the pressure at the bottom of the ocean is so great why doesn't it generate heat?

viscous fluids dissipate heat - on an atomic level - fluids dont hold still long enough for the heat to build up

Will sand hold heat?

sand does hold heat

What rocks hold heat?

No rocks specifically hold heat. Rocks can heat up and the rock might take a while to cool down, but they don't hold heat.

Who held the sky in Greek mythology?

Atlas it the Titan that was forced to hold up the sky after the Titanomachy. Fun Fact: The Atlantic Ocean means "The Sea of Atlas" and Atlantis means "The Island of Atlas"

Does freshwater or saltwater hold heat longer?

Fresh water hold heat longer because it has a higher specific heat content.

Give you one fact about the ocean?

a ocean is a hold pile of salt water

What does the specific heat of a substance?

The ability of a substance to hold heat.

What is the specific heat of a substance?

The amount of heat a substance can hold.

How does plastic hold heat?

plastic cannot hold heat because it doesn't have free electrons and it is transparent .

What volume of water does Lake Superior hold?

2,900 cubic miles

What can hold heat the longest?

If you ask me water, can hold the heat longest but there are some other subtances like land, and glass cups that can hold heat to. Int second place the land woulf win.

Is superior an adjective or noun?

The word 'superior' is both a noun (superior, superiors) and an adjective. Examples:noun: If you can hold, I will check with my superior.adjective: We enjoyed a superior meal at a four star restaurant.

What does the specific heat of a substance represent?

The ability of a substance to hold heat.

How does pinguins lives in its environment?

Penguins have layers of hair that hold in heat,but young penguins don't grow hair until they are a few years old.Penguins are great swimmers and hunt their food in the ocean,and they can hold their breath for almost 1 minute.They have a low amount of predators.

Which area will cool off faster at night the desert or an ocean town?

A desert will cool off much more quickly as there is little humidity or cloud cover that would hold in the heat of the day.

What is wet and can hold water?

The ocean?

How is infrared radiation trapped by the greenhouse effect?

Infrared radiation is the heat rising from the earth and ocean. Gases in the atmosphere with more than two atoms can trap this rising heat and hold it. These are called greenhouse gases, and the most common are carbon dioxide and methane. The way these gases trap the heat is called the greenhouse effect.

What is an example of a sentence with the word cargo?

The cargo ship went missing in the Atlantic Ocean.We have a very important cargo in the hold.The stowaway hid in the cargo hold.The cargo was damaged due to bad weather.

What do dolphins have under their skin that helps hold in their body heat?

Dolphins have blubber under their skin, that helps hold in their body heat.

Does gravity hold water?

If pool/lake/ocean water floats up: then no, gravity does not hold water. If pool/lake/ocean water does not float up: then yes, gravity does hold water.

What is the name of the new casino being built in Atlantic City?

Revel Atlantic City. Construction is currently on hold because of the poor economy.

Why does chocolate goes soft when held?

It melts when we hold it in our hand it melts because when we hold it in our hands the heat (body heat) melts the chocolate.