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Does the Bible talk about the last days of Saddam Hussein on earth?


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January 01, 2015 6:41PM

It is a grave error to try to interpret Bible prophecy in the light of today's events. Those who do frequently lose their possession, their standing in the community, and even their minds. No, there is no mention of Saddam Hussein in the Bible.


While the Bible touches on the identities of a few "world leaders" [like a Pharaoh or two, a King Abimelech, many generations of named kings of Israel and Judah... there is Nebuchadnezzar, Belshazzar, Darius, Agrippa, Herod and Caesar].

But beyond these and other "biblically historical" names of world leaders... with the completion of the Written Word of God, one is left only with a few descriptions of "future" world leaders; some of whom would now be identified [or suspected as identified by some] as a part of our "past history" [like Alexander the Great - see Dan.8:21-22] as well as, at least, one particular future one of whom prophecy refers as the "Beast" -- an end time world leader the Bible tells us will appear just before Jesus returns to earth with the Kingdom of God.

He will be a Satan-possessed MAN [and his miracle-working "religious henchman," called the "False Prophet" - see Rev.13] whom Christ Himself will CAST ALIVE INTO THE FUTURE LAKE OF FIRE:

"...the Beast was captured, and with him the False Prophet who did mighty miracles on behalf of the Beast - miracles that deceived all who accepted the mark of the Beast and who worshiped his statue. BOTH the Beast AND his False Prophet WERE THROWN ALIVE INTO THE LAKE OF FIRE that burns with sulfur." (Rev.19:20 NLT New Living Translation)

From these scriptures, we can only be certain... regarding future prophetic world events... that Saddam Hussein will NOT BE THE future world-leading BEAST -- because Christ didn't burn him and his "buddy" in a Lake of Fire [he was hanged]; nor does Christ sit on David's throne ruling the nations of the world, as He is prophesied to begin to do right after he destroys all of man's errant Satan-led governments [see Luke 4:5-6 & Rev.19-20].

In the grand scheme of prophesied global events and people recorded and described in the Bible... historical hindsight reveals that Saddam Hussein was "small potatoes" as a world leader, and not worthy of biblical mention. Historical descriptions of him and his rule would appear conclusive that he was "possessed of Satan"... but as alluded to, above -- Satan owns all of man's governments, anyway [thanks to Adam and Eve's worship of him from the beginning; through their obedience to his deception, handing over the earth and their children to him in spiritual bondage].

"...I will give you the glory of these kingdoms [all the governments of the world] and authority over them - BECAUSE THEY ARE MINE TO GIVE TO ANYONE I PLEASE." (Luke 4:6 NLT)

So, while, generally speaking... the Bible does reveal who truly owns and guides man's governments... and that we may know who is truly behind the wicked works they do -- Saddam Hussein [one of the many men to whom Satan has given 'authority' over one of his world governments] isn't worthy of "Divinely-revealed" prophetic biblical detail [his life or death]. He was merely a relatively obscure ruler of the latter day descendants of Lot; "Moab" [Iraq]. One of the many deceived descendants of man whom God never "called out of the world" during this "time dispensation" of His ongoing plan of Salvation for mankind.