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Does the Billy Blanks Boot Camp work?

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my husband & I bought the Billy Boot Camp & it really does work. Give it a try you will be pleasantly surprised.

2006-07-13 14:45:28
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What is the definition of a boot camp?

The definition for boot camp is, "A prison for youthful offenders". Boot camp consists of constant working out. The work out consists of what new recruits in the military do.

Can a vista recovery disk work in boot camp?

No, it can't.

Is Linux From Scratch supported by Apple's Boot Camp?

No version of Linux is officially supported by Boot Camp. Assuming when you compile Linux From Scratch you include support for the Macintosh's hardware, it will work just fine when using Boot Camp to prepare the system.

Does brawl busters work on Mac?

No this game wont work on mac unless you have the boot camp program

What is the best boot camp workout?

Personally I love the Billy Blanks boot camp work out DVDs. I love his energy and its so much fun! I would recommend starting out slow, and do NOT forget to stretch before. Do this three times a week and you'll see results rather quickly. Not only will you see the results, but feel them too. You'll have more energy and feel better about yourself. I know that worked for me. Also, before you buy the DVD work outs, make sure you don't need anything extra to go with it. For example, an exercise ball, weights, etc. That way when your pumped up and about to start the work out, you won have to wait. I hope this helps.

Does weight loss boot camp really work?

Boot Camp is a group physical exercise program that uses running, set ups, small weights and other various exercises in intervals. The group classes for "boot camp" are designed to burn fat and promote accountability through a friendly group atmosphere.

If you leave for boot camp with no letter to your boss do have to take me back to work?

yes, according to the USERRA.

Does Fps creator work for mac?

Yes but only in Boot camp. You need to boot up in Windows. See video in the resource section as an example.

How do you install bootcamp?

Boot Camp is part of Mac OS X 10.5 'Leopard' and can only be installed on Intel-based Macs. In order to install Boot Camp, launch the Boot Camp Assistant (located in Applications / Utilities / Boot Camp Assistant on a Mac running Mac OS X 10.5 or later), and follow the on-screen instructions. Boot Camp requires a retail copy of Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 2 or Microsoft Windows Vista (copies of Windows on vendor-specific disks like Dell or HP will not work).

Will Windows 7 Aero work in Mac OS X Bootcamp?

yes it will. boot camp runs windows naively so its just like using it on a PC. google windows 7 boot camp for more info.

What type of boot camps are safe?

If you are interested in one particular boot camp, then call them up and ask to take a tour. Talk to the trainer on site and ask specific questions and if it will work for you. If you know anyone who has been to a good boot camp, ask about their experience, and what they liked and didn't like about it.

How can I know the different types of programs in a Fitness boot camp and whether it guarantees me Fitness?

A Fitness boot camp will definitely make you more fit, and will provide you with the skills to lose weight. These boot camps work you extremely hard in order to provide good solid results with your Fitness and weight loss.

What does the initials IT mean for the marines?

In boot camp it mean intense training. It involves a lot of screaming and fast back to back work outs such and push ups, crunches, high knees ect. Its considered hazing outside of boot camp lol

Which marine core boot camp is better?

West Coast Oor Rah, Hills are killer and we dont work with girls

How long is boot camp for marines and do you get a break in between to come home for a couple of days?

Marine Corps boot camp is 13 weeks and it's the only boot camp where 10 days of "mercy" leave is granted after graduation. You'll get 10 days to come home and it's possible that you'll have a couple extra weeks to work with your local recruiter if you want to on "recruiter's assistance."

my grandson is almost 16 yrs old. he doing drugs, smoking,and having sex. Will not listen to anyone...he is now homeless...where can I find help for him boot camp I fear he will be found dead.....?

Boot Camp may be what keeps him from becoming dead. Doing something is better than nothing, and Boot Camps are proven to work.

Whipped into Shape: Fitness Boot Camp?

People with heart problems know they need to maintain a healthy weight and exercise daily, but it can be difficult to get started. Most heart-healthy fitness recommendations require dropping old habits, and a fitness boot camp can be the way to begin. Be prepared to work hard, drink plenty of fluids, and eat right before and after attending boot camp. Most boot camp instructors will help their clients identify activity and diet changes to be made, as well as establishing weight loss and health goals.

How do you get into boot camp after you leveled out in call of duty world at war for Wii?

first you have a wank...... then yhuuu have another should now work

What kind of shot do they give you at marine boot camp?

They give you several shots in boot camp. Most famous is the peanut butter shot the goes in your right butt cheek. It makes it difficult to sit for a day or two. Just rub it to work the penicillin into your system and get the lump out

Do people that sign up for a fitness boot camp typically enjoy it?

Yes. Fitness boot camps are very hard work, but people often see results in shorter amounts of time. People also say that they have more energy throughout the day if doing boot camp in the morning. Not everyone enjoys fitness camps even if they volunteered to sign up for it. They are hard work and not everyone is cut out for it.

What are some good excercises from boot camp workouts?

There are a few very good specific exercises if you are thinking of a boot camp workout.The first one is any type of running.The second thing to add if you are really serious is any type of squats that work out different parts of your legs.

Does WinOnX on mac work?

XP & Vista will work only on 10.5 and 10.6 (Boot Camp 3.0) as Apple dropped support for XP & Vista with 10.7 (Boot Camp 4.0) so they don't even make the drivers for them anymore for the newer hardware on the computers that came installed with 10.7 brand new. W7 is also supported in 10.6 and above.

Does boot camp training work as an effective means of losing weight?

Yes it does, however the next 4 years of service will help put the weight back on!

What windows does iMac work with?

Windows software will not run on Mac. The Windows operating system will run on any Intel based Mac in dual-boot mode. You can use Boot Camp which is already installed on your Mac or another program such as Parallels.

Is there a way to burn the fat on my thighs?

you can try different exercise using the thighs.I like Billy Blanks work out,it actually works.In a month an a half twice a day i went from a size 13 to a size 9.