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Does the Conservative Party of Canada have weaknesses?


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Of course. The biggest weakness of the Conservative Party of Canada and any other political party is that not all members agree on all issues. Certain issues can be used as wedges in the party. Of note is the power of backbenchers versus the control of central leadership of the party, which has occasionally made headlines in Canadian newspapers.

Further there are already pre-conceived notions about the Conservative Party. These ideas, though not the full truth, are a far simplified idea and thus easier to handle and then believe for most people. It is far easier to type cast the entire party than to pick out beliefs on an individual basis to try to see the details of the picture.

Examples include:

- Anti-homosexual bias

- Anti-abortion stance

- Forcing people into traditional roles

- Christian fundamentalists

- Pro-guns

- Cutting funding for government programs

- Controlled by corporations

- Anti-democratic (robocalls)

- Anti-environment

- Illegal election spending

Managing and balancing the party's stance on issues is a complicated task and rarely pleases everyone. A single rogue MP can complicate the party's image.

The party is heavily reliant on the image of its leader Stephen Harper. Although Harper himself has appeared to be steadfast, a scandal directly involving Harper could severely hurt the Conservative brand. So far, scandals involving the federal government have successfully moved responsibility to a single MP. One possible weakness, (which could also be a strength,) is that Stephen Harper is not as generally open or likeable as the Liberal leader, Justin Trudeau. Comparing Harper to Mulcair is debatable.

The Conservative Party has been in power for a long time. The longer you are in power, the greater a chance that you will do something wrong. This will probably be the party's greatest weakness in the long run, while they are in power.