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The pill consists of 21 days of active pills (ie, containing oestrogen and progestogen) with either a break of seven days, or seven days of a sugar pill. The sugar pill is used to keep the user in a regular habit of taking the pill at the same time each day, every day, whilst bleeding occurs. If you have been taking the pill daily (every day without missing one) you should be safe during your period. As you are not really taking active ingredients for seven days, a pill missed just before or just after the sugar pills does increase the chances of ovulation taking place during the next cycle and pregnancy occuring. Even if you are taking the pill religiously, be aware that no contraceptive is 100% effective.


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No . The antibiotics for diarrhea and sickness will overpower the effects of the contraceptive pill.

The advantage of the contraceptive implant is its high level of effectiveness. Because you don't have to do anything to make it work, there are no mistakes (like missing a pill) that can decrease its effectiveness.

Yes the pill has no lasting effect and does not work as a contraceptive.

No. Because different contraceptive pills work in different ways, and at different dosages, substituting one for another will not work.

Since antibiotics can make the pill not work at all it can affect all of it, incl your period.

A woman that is on contraceptive pills can become pregnant under certain unusual circumstances that may interfere with the efficacy of the drug. Being on antibiotics for example may cause the pill not to work. the pill was designed to prevent pregnancy without the use of anything like a condom.

Your taking the laxative before taking your contraceptive should not affect your contraceptive's properly functioning.

yes it will stop. i have taken the pill on my first day an its work

Yes, they both suppress ovulation. The BCP has 2 weeks to build up in your system, Plan B is a high dose that forces the issue in an emergency.

If you take the pill only after you have intercourse the pill will have no effect!! only if you take the pill how it is instructed and daily at the same time every day then will it work! one slip up and it could course you a problem.

Progestin works as a contraceptive by allowing ones body to think that it is already pregnant so it stops releasing an egg. If an egg is released the uterus stops it from developing. The progestin pill is also referred to as the mini-pill and is better suited to women who are breastfeeding, overweight or have a history of blood clots

Yes it can and if you eat antibiotics and is on the pill the pill will not work.

No, in order to properly prevent pregnancy by using an oral contraceptive, you must pick a specific time to take your pill daily. It is important to take your pill everyday around the same time.

The Nexplanon contraceptive implant works for three years.

There are no known drug interactions between birth control pills and acyclovir, nor between Plan B or Next Choice and acyclovir.

Plan B is a pill that can work to prevent pregnancy in an emergency situation. It is not known to shorten the period.

I started one week late, taking the pill.. I had unproctected sex during the first 6 days.. as I was told that you can't get pregnant the first 6 days after your period.. so I started the pill the following Sunday & continue to have unprotected sex... Can I get pregnant???

Well it's not the same as the morning after pill.It is not a contraceptive that can be taken regularly For yaz to work you have to take it long term a least a week 7 pills.For the morning after pill to work you just need to take it within 72 hours of unprotected sex.As an emergency contraceptive.If you didn't use a condom or forgot to take a regular birth control pill.

If you've just started taking birth control pills now then it will still work. However you need to be on BC for 4 weeks before you can have unprotected intercourse.

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You shouldn't be having sex or be on the pill if you're so young that you haven't bad your first period yet. That being said, in most cases you cant get pregnant before you have your period.

ok hun the fact you took the morning after pill you shouldn't be worried ok, there are several reasons why you may not have your period other than pregnancy, such as stress, and the pill is a big hormone pill and a girls period is generaly screwed up after you take it to, so don't be worried, if you have any more questions email me, my email is on my page

Yes, you should continue taking the birth control pill as scheduled regardless of any bleeding. If you have missed any pills in the last month or have symptoms of pregnancy, take a pregnancy test. If you have no period during your placebo work in the future and find it troublesome, talk with your health care provider about the possibility of changing birth control pill brands.

Breast enlargers come in many forms, including creams and herbs, though none of these are actually proven to work. The oral contraceptive pill and HRT can increase fluid retention, giving the appearance of enlarged breasts.

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