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no not at all

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Q: Does the Daewoo Cielo 1997 car key have a chip in it?
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Does the Daewoo Cielo 1996' car key have a computer chip in it?

No it does not. Don't let a locksmith tell you otherwise. They will charge you as if it has one, if you don't know any better. Lame sell outs

Engine over heating in my 1996 daewoo cielo petrol Auto Gas model car. What could be the probable causes?

head gasket? its stuffed mate!

Would a failing O2 sensor cause excess fuel consumption on a daewoo cielo?

Yes it would. O2 sensors work with the car's ECM to tell the car how to burn the fuel and how the fuel is burning. This is a strong possibility.

What is the purpose of Resonator in Daewoo Cielo What happens when disconnected Thanks in adv Sam?

The main purpose of a resonator is to reduce exhaust noise. Removing it will give the car exhaust a deeper sound.

In what year were Daewoo Lanos first manufactured?

Daewoo Lanos was first manufactured in 1997. At this time, they were only manufacturing sedans and the car model was a lot different than most of the more recent Daewoo Lanos cars a person would see on the market today.

Should you buy a daewoo car?


Does car chip work on the car?

Well it depends on how new it is but you can chip anything that has a computer in it.

Where would you find the engine number for Daewoo Nexia?

Hi! I'm owner of daewoo nexia 1.5 l 16 v 1997 i find in body number all about my car . put whis nr in google and serch . hope to help you..

What is the price of Daewoo car 1992 model?

Not alot

What country does the car Daewoo come from?

south korea

How many sensors are there in Daewoo Matiz car?


What car starts with a D?

Daewoo, Daihatsu, and Dodge

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