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Owning both basses, I can tell you that the Fender Jazz does have a thinner neck than the Precision. I don't know the exact difference (measurement wise) but it's definitely a noticeable difference.

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Q: Does the Fender Jazz bass have a thinner neck than the P-bass and by how much?
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When was Fender Aerodyne Jazz Bass created?

Fender Aerodyne Jazz Bass was created in 2004.

What is the difference between a Fender jazz Bass And Fender Precision Bass?

The Fender Jazz has a thinner neck made for quicker playing ability. The Fender precision has a fatter neck for stability and precision. The jazz bass has 2 j-pickups, the p-bass has 1 p-pickup. The Fender jazz bass has a brighter tone then the precision bass. The Precision bass body is straight. And The Fender Jazz Bass body is squiggly. If I've gotten it correctly the precision bass was called the precision bass because it had frets and was therefore precise compared to an upright bass. I've owned both a precision and jazz bass at different times. I would say, in the end, you can get the same tone out of either one.

What sort of guitar is a Fender Jazz?

A Fender Jazz guitar is an electric bass guitar created by Leo Fender. It is also known as the Jazz Bass or J Bass and was the second model of electric bass guitar that Fender created.

What is a cheap bass for under 200?

if you are a beginner on the bass a good bass would be a squier affinity series jazz bass or precision bass. the jazz bass has a slimmer neck than the p bass but the p bass is a better bass for crunchy tone . i got the pbass.

How much does a Fender standard jazz bass cost?

A Fender Standard Jazz bass that was made in America costs about $1150. A Fender Standard Jazz that was not made in America costs about $480.

Which pickguard fits the fender classic 70's jazz bass?

All fender jazz pickguards fit any fender jazz bass, vintage or brand new, it does not matter.

What kind of bass does Nikolai fraiture have?

Fender Jazz Bass

What bass does Zack Merrick play?

A Fender Jazz Bass.

What fender does paul McCartney play?

Fender Jazz Bass & Fender Esquire

What model of Fender Bass was the Tractor Bass?

Berry Oakley's "tractor bass" was a Fender Jazz Bass with a Guild bass pickup.

What year is a Fender Jazz bass 642361?

According to the Fender website, your bass dates from 1976.

Is this a genuine fender Jazz Bass - serial number PAT 28005?

Is this a genuine fender jazz bass - serial number PAT 28005?

What kind of Bass does Jeph Howard have?

It is a Fender Aerodyne Jazz Bass.

What is the tuning of a fender jazz bass?

Same as any other bass.

Age of fender jazz bass 120353?

This Fender bass would have manufactured between 1965 and 1967.

What bass does the flea use?

Fender Jazz 1961

What year is this Fender jazz bass 618646?


Was there a jazz bass with a single pickup?

No, there is no such thing. The first Fender Jazz bass came with two pickups and that formula has been maintained to this day. The only "Jazz Bass" with one pickups is the Fender Mark Hoppus signature Jazz Bass, which comes with a single Precision Bass pickups. That particular bass sounds nothing like a standard Jazz Bass.

What bass does lyn-z ballato play?

Fender Aerodyne Jazz Bass

What bass guitar does Zack merrick play?

an American fender jazz bass

What kind of bass does David Desrosiers from simple plan play?

I think that he plays a fender bass. He's using a Fender Jazz Bass and also Fender Mark Hoppus Jazz Bass that was given to him by Hoppus during the video shoot of I'd Do Anything.

Is the Fender jazz bass short or long scale?

The Fender Jazz bass is your standard 34 inch scale. This would be a long scale. Short scale bass are usually around a 30 inch.

What kind of bass guitar does Zack Merrick have?

a black fender American jazz bass.

What year is your Fender Jazz Bass with Serial Number S843863?

1977 according to the Fender website

What year is this Fender jazz-bass 375290?

According to the Fender website, your instrument dates from 1973.