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Call the Illinois Health Benefits Hotline 800-226-0768, to answer this question.

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Q: Does the Illinois medicaid card cover the tetanus shot?
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How much does it cost to get an IUD removed if you have the Take Charge Medicaid Card?

Medicaid plans cover IUD removal.

Is their a weight loss surgery covered by the Illinois medicaid card?

Yes, subject to prior approval.

Does Illinois medical card cover suboxone?

Yes they do

Is food stamp card and medicaid card the same?

In some states, if you have a Medicaid card, it also serves as your EBT card for food stamps, which you swipe like an ATM card at the grocery store. If you are eligible for food stamps but not Medicaid (which is possible, as the eligibility requirements are different), you will be given a separate food stamps EBT card that is not a Medicaid card.

Can you use photo medicaid card as id to fly?

may i use state issued medicaid card as photo id to fly commercially in the usa

Can you use your Medicaid id card?

Yes. You may use only your own Medicaid ID card and you may use it only for its intended purposes.

Can adults get glasses on their Medicaid card?

Medicaid is State-administered and therefore the rules vary somewhat. However, in general, Medicaid covers eyeglasses.

What Requirements are there for gastric bypass with Il medicaid card?

That procedure requires prior approval from IL Medicaid.

What steps should be taken to verify a patient's medicaid eligibility?

Verify the identity of the person claiming medicaid coverageVerify eligibility and coverage for the presented medicaid number whether the medicaid card is valid or if a managed medicaid insurer has been selected.

What states can you use Illinois link card?


Does medicaid cover wisdom teeth in Wisconsin?

I'm not sure if it's a general thing or just in Georgia, but I have Medicaid and had a wisdom tooth extracted on May 26, I didn't even have a co-pay. The best thing I can say is call the number on back of your card and ask. Good luck - and hope your tooth isn't as painful as mine was!

Does Illinois Medical card cover a vasectomy?

My husband and I were on the medical card when he had his vasectomy. The entire procedure was covered. This was in 2005 and we had to pay a $2.00 copay. We had to find an office that would accept the medical card and we were lucky enough to find one.