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Does the IonHub Universal Charger work with an iPhone?

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2009-04-26 14:22:15

== == == == Yes, ionhub does charge an iPhone. Just ordered and

received an IonHub a week ago with five connector Tips.

The main unit is a black box, slightly longer than a cigarette

box, very light. At the side of one end, there is a input port with

two indicator LEDs, one green, one red. The green one turns on once

the input power is plugged in. The red one never turns on. Not sure

what it is for, so I emailed to ask. The answer is that is fault

indicator if there is short or something. If it is on, then there

will be no output to prevent damages.

There are six identical looking output ports that the connector

tips plug in to. You just push the connector in and there is a

clicking sound then it is locked in place. If you want to take it

out, just press the little lever on the connector and it slips

right out. That is the best feature I have ever seen on a charger.

None of other chargers I used before does this and I lost I don't

know how many charging tips.

The unit comes with an AC adapter and a car adapter. I have

tried in my home and in my car charging following devices at the

same time: iPhone, iPod, Norelco shaver, Sony PSP, and Garmin GPS.

Not quite as many as what they show on their website with six

different things at the same time, but close enough to make me

happy so far. I still have an extra output port that is not used.

Only one week experience using it, though. so far so good...

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