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`Caveat emptor`, or, `Let the buyer beware` usually refers to the actual business deal itself. Is the person doing the selling telling you the truth, or is it being embellished? Is what he says the same as what the contract says, regardless of interpretation by the seller? What's in the `fine print` section and most importantly, is anything being hidden from you by omission?

Of course, you should educate yourself on the product(s) of interest. The more you know, the less likely you'll have the wool pulled over your eyes.

It also helps you to determine the knowledge and integrity of the sales person.

ALWAYS as questions in your negotiations. There's not such thing as a `stupid question` but there are things like `stupid answers`. Learn as much as you're able, to be able to know the difference.

And if you hear a little voice in your head saying, `Something's wrong here`, chances are, it is. Run, don't walk, but RUN to another dealer or someone that has the same products for offer and at least, check them out before you make your decision.

Just some advice, but it could save you some big mistakes down the road.

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