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yes. with the correct screws yes. with the correct screws

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Q: Does the Marble's tang sight marked W9 fit the Winchester 1894 carbine?
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What is the proper rear sight for a model 1894 saddle ring carbine 30-30 caliber made in 1909?

Unless a different sight was special-ordered, it would have come with the Series 26 rear sight, which was made in-house by Winchester.

How do you separate corks and glass marbles?

your sight You could drop them into water, the corks will float and the marbles will sink.

Sighting in a m1 carbine with a flip sight?

I think if you flip the sight forward it is for 50 yards. flip the sight back and you have 100 yards..............

How do you remove the rear sight on a M1 carbine 30?

it probably slides out. best check with gunsmith

How do you you determine the manufacturer of a 30 caliber M1 carbine?

look under the rear sight for MFG. and sn#

Which marble's tang sight fits the Winchester 1890?

I believe it is the W9

Is 'Winchester' marked anywhere on a Winchester 94?

Yes. I doubt if Winchester ever produced a firearm without the company name or at least the WRA emblem prominently displayed. Slight correction to my previous answer. Winchester manufactured shotguns and a few rifles for Sears Roebuck and these will not carry the company name or trademark. However, even if produced BY Winchester as an exact copy of a company model, they are NOT Winchesters. The name Winchester is often stamped just to the right of the rear sight. -j. On 1894 and 94 rifles made before WWII, the name WINCHESTER is stamped on the upper stock tang. On post-war guns, it is on the left side of the barrel, below the rear sight.

How do you remove the rear sight without damaging the action to install a scope on an M1 Carbine?

best to check with a gunsmith.............................

How do you tighten the rear sight on the barrel on a 94 Winchester?

You will need the help of a gunsmith.

Was the peep sight more preferred on Winchester's model 69 22?


Where can you get a rear sight ramp for a Winchester model 1894?

Start with then eBay and

Did Winchester 1894 rifles ever have a flip up sight if so when?

Yes. It was an option.

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