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Does the Moon have any moons?


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The Moon has no natural satellites of its own.

In theory it could (as planets have their own moons), but it is unlikely due to the precise orbital requirements. Most possible scenarios do not create stable orbits.


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No it does not have moons

Callisto is a moon, and moons do not have moons of their own. The gravitational influence of the planet would overwhelm any tendency of a moon to acquire its own moons.

Chiron, the moon of Pluto is not know to have any moons

No. Triton is itself a moon of Neptune. No known moon has any moons of its own. It is believed that such an orbit would not be stable.

Earth's Moon has no satellites of its own. While it might be possible, I am not aware of any moons that have natural satellites of their own.

no they do not have any orbiting moons!!!!

Just helping with the question. Does the sun have any moons? Or Does the sun have a moon?

yes it has at least 60 moons but there is 9 main moons.

Earth (with one moon) and Mars (with two moons). Mercury and Venus do not have any moons.

Earth's moon does not have any rings, nor moons.

No. Miranda is itself a moon of Uranus. No known moon has a moon of its own.

Mercury does not have any moons

no,it doesn't has any moon.

Makemake does not have any known moons.

within all 8 planets not all of them have any moons so does saturn have any moons ,yes

Jupiter's moons do not have moons. No moon in the Solar System has a moon orbiting it.

No, there are not currently any known forms of life on Earth's moon (or any other moons).

Yes. One moon orbit Earth (The moon)

Venus does not have any moons.

Mercury does not have any moons.

the Luna (Earths moon) has no moons.

Earth's moon does not have any of its own moons. See the related question and link below for more detailed information.

the moons core has no water because there has always not been water any where on the diameter of the moon that is one of the reasons there is not life on they moon

Our Earth has only one Moon, and that Moon is one Moon itself...I don't think Moons within Moons exsist.

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