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Q: Does the NCIC Gang require hit confirmation?
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A confirmed NCIC hit may be probable cause for arrest.?

An unconfirmed NCIC Wanted Person File Hit can constitute probable cause to make an arrest.

Did Andy Biersack hit his ex girlfriend?

There is no confirmation that Andy Biersack hit his girlfriend.

What does the NCIC do about stolen vehicles?

NCIC doesn't do anything about stolen vehicles. It's simply a national database that flags stoeln property, missing and wanted persons. When a law enforcement officer runs an article, vehicle or person through NCIC, the result returned will be either that the item or person in question is clear of if there's a record. In the case of a vehicle, NCIC would return either a clear or stolen record. The law enforcement agent will then take the appropriate action. In order to return a hit (stolen), a vehicle first has to have been entered into NCIC as such by a aw enforcement official.

What is Hit Squad Brims?

The Hit Squad Brims are one of the largest Brim sets under the Blood Alliance. The Blood Alliance is an Alliance which several gangs are under, such as the Bloods gang, Pirus gang, and Brims gang.

Is rapper Kebo Gotti in the Jurassic Park Piru gang?

No, Kebo Gotti is not in the Jurassic Park Piru gang, he is in the Hit Squad Brim gang.

Trio that had a big hit with rappers delight?

sugar hill gang

What rappers are in the Hit Squad Brims gang?

Kebo GottiLil Capp

Who was the first rap group to have a hit record?

I think Sugar Hill Gang.

What is a probable kill in the military?

A probable kill means that you took the shot and it is probable that the target was hit, but you do not have confirmation that they were killed.

How you say 'hit' in spanish?

"To hit" in Spanish is "pegar". It is pronounced "pay-GAR". Please see the Related link below for confirmation of the translation.

Why is the Hit Squad Brim gang beefing with the Jurassic Park Piru gang?

The Hit Squad Brim gang and the Jurassic Park Piru gang aren't really beefing with one another.The reason they got a bit of tension between each other is because rapper Slim Dunkin & Kebo Gotti got into it with each other. Slim Dunkin was a member of the Jurassic Park Piru gang, and Kebo Gotti is a member of the Hit Squad Brim gang, so when they had their little fight with each other or whatever, that kinda was a small spark between the two gangs.

In on a gangs hit list what should you do?

What is your question exactly? Do you have knowledge of a gang related hit list or are YOU yourself on a gang's hit list? You need to be more specific. But either way, I would suggest you come into contact with the Gang Enforcement Unit with your local law enforcement agency. If you live in a rual setting, contact your local Sheriff's Department's patrol unit. You may need to be debriefed.

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