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the torch is lit 3-4 months before the date of the Olympics. the relay then takes place and is taken to the new venue of the olympics.

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Q: Does the Olympic torch burn continuously or is it lit prior to each Olympics?
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What is the reason for th Olympic torch?

the reason for the Olympic torch is that represents the olympics

Why do they have an Olympic torch?

because it is to do with the Olympics.

How did people start the olympic torch in ancient Greece?

There was no Olympic Torch ceremony until 1936, and no torch at the Ancient Olympics.

Where does the Olympic torch begin?

Where the Olympics are held.

What does the Olympic torch stand for or represent?


What are the rituals at Olympics?

lighting the olympic torch.

How does the Olympic torch get to the Olympics?

on a cannal boat

A list of Olympic torches for reference?

Summer OlympicsBeijing 2008 Olympic TorchAthens 2004 Olympic TorchSydney 2000 Olympic TorchAtlanta 1996 Olympic TorchBarcelona 1992 Olympic TorchSeoul 1988 Olympic TorchLos Angeles 1984 Olympic TorchMoscow 1980 Olympic TorchMontreal 1976 Olympic TorchMunich 1972 Olympic TorchMexico City 1968 Olympic TorchTokyo 1964 Olympic TorchRome 1960 Olympic TorchMelbourne 1956 Olympic TorchHelsinki 1952 Olympic TorchLondon 1948 Olympic TorchBerlin 1936 Olympic Torch

When was Olympic torch 1st used?

The first modern day Olympic torch was used in the 1928 Summer Olympics in Amsterdam. The torch relay from Greece to the site of the Olympics was introduced in the 1936 Berlin Olympics by Carl Diem.

How much does it cost to purchase an Olympic torch?

A regular person cannot purchase an Olympic torch. You can buy an Olympic torch replica on Amazon or Ebay. If you participate in the Olympics, you will be offered a chance to purchase an Olympic torch,

Why does the Olympic torch start at Athens?

The Olympic torch start at Athens, Greece because that is where the first Olympics were held.

What is the Olympics torch destination?

The Olympic torch relay always terminates in the central stadium of that year's Olympic Games.

When is the Olympic torch going to be lighted and extinguished?

The olympic torch is extinguished at the end of the olympics?

Where does the Olympic torch stay between Olympic?

This is decided by the Hosting City. For example in 2012 London Olympics, the torch stayed in Olympic City.

Is it amazing to hold an Olympic torch?

Yes, it is amazing to hold the Olympic torch because you are not just holding a torch you are holding a torch that has been in the Olympics for 112 years

How is the Olympic flame ignited?

The Olympic flame is ignited after having passed the torch from one runner to the next over the course of the months prior to the Olympics. The final bearer touches the torch to the cauldron to start the ceremony. The FIRST torch is lit using the rays of the sun concentrated by a parabolic mirror- at the site of the ancient Olympics in Greece.

Who ran with the Olympic torch in the last Olympics?

you smell

When will the Olympic torch be lighted again?

next olympics

What does the 2012 Olympic torch design represent?


What is the thing that you carry in the Olympics with fire on it?

The Olympic Torch

The Olympic relay torch was introduced from which Olympic games?

1936 Berlin Olympics

Do the 2010 olympic torch runners continuously?

yes because its good exercise

What does the Olympic torch represent-symbolize?

it represents the olympics

Is there a different style of Olympic torch every Olympics?


Who will hold the Olympic torch for the Vancouver Olympics?

Percy Jackson