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Termination of Approving Official accounts results in the termination of all cardholder accounts assigned to them

When viewing a cardholder statement how do you specify which cycle to view

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Q: Does the Ouija board on the ipod touch work?
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Will a ouija board drawn on a paper work?

Some argue that a Ouija board doesn't actually do anything, and that the user subconsciously moves the marker piece. However, it is worth a try to see if a Ouija board can work on paper.

How do you work a ouija board?

i dunt no

How does the ouija board work?

By the ideomotor response.

Why does ouija board work?

it works because it does....

Does a ouija board made of paper work?

A ouija board and planchette made out of anything has the potential of working. However I advise that you proceed with caution.

Does LimeWire work for iPod Touch?

yes, limewire does work for your iPod Touch. I have an iPod TOuch. well i like it @@@@

Does the ouija board really work for your phone?

yes the do work for your phone

Will textplus software work on a ipod touch?

Yes, the app textplus was made for the iPod touch. If it is on the Appstore for Apple, IT WILL WORK ON AN IPOD TOUCH.

Will your iPod Touch 64g work with ihome ih5?

Im pretty sure that your ipod touch will work with ihome ih5 as the speakers are made for ipods they work with any type of ipod out there. If on the cover/box of the ihome ih5 says that it will only work with ipod nano ipod video etc. and ipod touch is not on there it only means that the speakers were made before the ipod touch came out and Im 100% sure that it will work with your ipod. I bought speakers for ipod (i also have an ipod touch) and the information on the box didn't include ipod touch as the electronic that the speakers will work with but my ipod works perfectly with the speakers and I have no problems with it.

Does iPod Touch work with Windows 7?

The iPod Touch will work with Windows 7.

How do you work your iPod touch?

You touch it.

Do you need a mac computer for a ipod touch?

No, you do not need a Mac to have a computer work with your iPod Touch. You can use any PC that has the ability to run iTunes to work with your iPod Touch.

What would make a ouija board not work?

Performing an exorcism over it.

Do you have to believe in the ouija board for it to work?

No, but a belief in the board's ability to communicate with the spiritual world is said to help.

Can ipod touch 8gb work as a gps?

The iPod Touch does not have GPS capabilities, so it cannot work as a GPS.

Do the new earphones with the built in mic for iPod work with iPod Touch 3g?

Yes, they do work with the iPod Touch 3rd Generation. The earphones should have came with the purchase of the iPod itself. But yes they do work.

Will iPod touch 3.0 update work with the iPod nano?

No the touch has its own updates. =]

Is it common for a ouija board not to work?

if the ouiji board doesn't work in your home or where you are using it it could mean that there are no spirits there to comunicate to you or they might not want to

Will .Mac work with iPod Touch?

yah mac and ipods were made by apple so the ipod touch will work with a mac.

Do normal iPod games work on iPod touch?


Does an ouija board work if you made it out of paper?

Yes it does work because you are channeling energy into it. be careful when using!

Can an ipod touch 2nd generation charger work for the 3rd generation ipod touch?


Does the Powermat for the iPod Touch 2nd Generation work on the iPod Touch 3rd Generation?

it shure does

Does and iPod Nano work like and iPod touch?

nah because it ain't no touch screen

Will an ipod touch work on a dell computer?

Yes, an iPod touch will work on a Dell computer as long as it has iTunes loaded onto it.