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The Pope earns no salary.

However, three bags containing gold, silver, and copper coins are placed in the coffin beside the body of a dead pope. Each bag contains one coin for each year in his papacy.

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The pope receives no salary, but can live in absolute luxury if that is his wish. Paul Hoffman (Anatomy of the Vatican) says "The tradition of annual collections for the pope in Catholic churches all over the world goes back to the early Middle Ages, and is believed to have started in England before the Norman Conquest. The stream of pennies and other small coins then already known as Peter's Pence, donated by millions of faithful throughout Europe and sent to Rome, became a mere trickle after the Protestant Reformation, and eventually dried out completely." Hoffman says the Peter's Pence support of the papacy was re-instituted in France later in the nineteenth century and is now revived worldwide. Under John XXIII, the Peter's Pence reportedly reached $13 million to $14 million in some years, but during the pontificate of Paul VI fell to less than $4 million per year.

Pope Paul VI preferred modern art to the priceless artworks held by the Vatican, so his agents were sent to the art markets of Europe and the United States looking for works to buy, and arranged for private donors to finance the purchase of several hundred pieces. It seems that the annual amount of Peter's Pence and other collections intended for his use, was of no great concern to the pope.

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Q: Does the Pope get paid a salary?
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