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Almost certainly it does. Most common would be full/modified, though some were made (I believe) in modified/improved cylinder. There have been a few that are cylinder bore right from the factory, or so I have been told. These would be "coach guns", which most often have short barrels. Choke is a relationship of the inside muzzle diameter to the inside diameter of the rest of the barrel. A choke guage, commonly found at any gun shop can give you an idea of the choking, but because it is based upon an educated guess, it is not perfect. A gunsmith can measure the inside diameters and make a determination for you, but the best way is to actually take the gun to a range and pattern it. Bear in mind that the choke is only one aspect of pattern determination... a most important aspect, but only one. Other factors are size of shot, brand of shell, type of shot, type of powder and other factors not yet well understood by man. I don't think I have ever seen a Savage/Stevens 311 that is actually marked as to what choke the barrels have. There is also the possibility that the choke(s) was modified as the 311 series has been out of production for a while now. My suggestion is to take it out and shoot it to see how it performs.

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Q: Does the Savage 311 have a different fixed chokes in each barrel?
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What Is at the muzzle end of the shotgun barrel and controls the spread of the shot?

It's called a choke, and restricts the bore a few hundredths of an inch. Most are round, for hunting, but there are some called "duckbills" that spread the shot laterally for combat purposes, though they're not popular anymore because they didn't offer a significant advantage. There are fixed chokes, permanently part of the barrel. There are adjustable chokes, which turn to constrict. There are removable chokes, which set in place with a wrench.

What year did browning citoris made in japan have fixed chokes?

Introduced in 1973, the Citori was the first Japanese made Browning. Fixed chokes were the only option until the Invector choke became available in 1983. The fixed chokes and Invectors were both available on the Citori for a few years until in 1989 when the Invector became standard on all guages except the 28ga and .410.

How much is a Baikal double barrel 12 gage shotgun made by KBI Inc. worth?

KBI is the importer. Is the Baikal an over&under or a side-by-side? Screw-in chokes or fixed? Extractors or ejectors? Chrome lined bores? Any engraving or inlaying?

What is the value of a universal 20 gauge overunder shotgun it has double triggers and fixed chokes?

0-250 USD depending on condition.

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Can older model Browning Citoris with fixed chokes be bored to accept screw in chokes Thanks John?

Yes,you should be able to have a qualified gunsmith do the work for you.I would check out the area in which you live and find a qualified gunsmith perform the work for you.

When was the last year that Browning made an over under shotgun with fixed chokes?

It hasn't happend yet. You can custom order one to this day.

What are the barrel end diameters of browning shotgun fixed choke barrels on citori over-under?

No way to answer without knowing barrel length and gauge.

How do you remove the barrel from a JC Higgens model 20 12 gage shot gun?

These guns are quite old 46 to 60 years old the barrels can be very difficult to remove they are screwed into the receiver you should be a gunsmith to remove the barrel as fitting a new barrel you will have to make sure that the head space is ok. Most guns of this era had fixed barrel even the early Remington 870 had fixed barrels you will need a barrel vise barrel spanner to start with years of shooting and rust make thes barrels a challenging task

Can you shoot steel shot with a fixed full choke barrel?

NOT RECOMMENDED unless you are in a life or death situation.

Will a fixed ejector barrel work on 1964 browning light 12 shotgun?

Requires a gunsmith to look at it.

How much is a never fired in original box Belgium made 12 light auto shotgun worth?

Are you talking about an Auto 5 Light Weight? What is the barrel length? Fixed or tube chokes? Finish? Type of wood? Any engraving? Any accessories? How old? All of the above affect value. A broad range (common to high end) would be @ 500-5000.

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What are the different types of fixed deposits?

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What is the value of a 12 gauge Miroku side by side with double triggers and modified and improved 26 inch barrels?

The double triggers and fixed chokes hurt resale some. $400 is realistic.

What is the difference between multi choke and fixed choke?

Fixed - will not change Multi choke - choke can be changed. 'Choke' is a degree of constriction over the last couple of inches of a shotgun barrel, the reason for which is to alter the characteristics of the shot pattern as it leaves the end of the barrel and forms the shot-string. Non-multichoke guns have what is known as 'fixed' chokes, which are determined by the manufacturer, but which follow standard constriction levels such as '1/4', '1/2', '3/4', 'Full', 'Cyl' (or 'Cylinder'), and 'ImpCyl' ('Improved Cylinder')...........on side-by-side guns, the left barrel generally has a tighter degree of choke than the right, as the left barrel is generally fired last, and at targets which are further away. The tighter degree of choke results in the shot pattern remaining tighter at greater ranges. With over-and-under configurations, it's the lower barrel which has the tighter choke, but for similar reasons. With a multichoke gun, the degree of choke for either barrel can be altered by replacing the threaded end section of the barrel with a separate insert. This allows the shooter to choose the degree of choke required, dependant on his requirements at the time. For instance, most standard game guns are choked '1/4' and '1/2'......this affords the best compromise for game shooters without overly-specialising the gun. Trap & Sporting guns generally have the facility to alter the chokes, as the targets that the gun will be presented with can vary hugely. The gun may be required to shoot every target from simulated high pheasants at 50 yards-plus, to 'skeet' (which are typically at less than 20 yard ranges) it can be seen that to have fixed chokes on a gun required to perform these various tasks will result in a serious handicap to the shooter wishing to take on various disciplines with only one gun. This isn't set in stone,of course........wildfowling pieces, for example, tend to have tighter chokes than standard game guns, as the quarry they're designed for tend to be heavier, and fly higher and faster, so demanding a gun to throw a pattern of heavy shot at greater ranges, or a gun of larger bore than a standard 'twelve'. And, of course, the cartridges required for wildfowling tend to contain larger (and therefore fewer) shot than a game (or clay pigeon) target, so to keep the shot-string tighter is desirable.....................

Rossi m59 22 mag on the barrel it is stamped 22short long or long rifle how do you get this fixed?

A good gunsmith can help you.

How can you tell if shotgun is modified?

The question can have two meanings...if you are asking if the shotgun has a modified choke, usually it will say on the barrel if the choke is fixed (full, "imp cyl" for improved cylinder, "mod" for modified). If your barrel has interchangeable chokes, you just need to unscrew the choke tube and read what it says. If you are asking if it was modified from the factory configuration, modifications that aren't blatantly obvious (sawed off barrel or stock, magazine tube extension, shell holders, combat sights, aftermarket stocks, etc.), may be hard to tell, like a trigger job. For gross changes, have a factory picture and compare. Subtle modifications may be hard to tell.

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What are the various choke markings for Stoeger shotguns?

The fixed choke markings are denoted by * marks on the bottom of the barrel under the forearm assembly. 3 on the left barrel and 4 on the right. *** Modified choke **** Improved Cylinder

How old is a Luigi Franchi 12 ga Brescia with 2003 on the barrel?

2003 is the model not the year. I have one like it, an over and under, and I think that it was made late 70s (maybe even till early 80s). Franchi remained a family business till 1987 and was then sold and changed ownership again afterwards. It is a fine shotgun, unfortunately fixed chokes, but very nicely made with super smooth action.

What is the value of a Ruger speed six 38 special with fixed sights and 2 and three fourths inch barrel?


Are the glenfield model 50 and the marlin model 50 dl the same gun?

The Glenfield 50 was manufactured in 12ga from 1966 to 1979. The bolt-action magazine fed shotgun came at various times with fixed or variable chokes. The stock was birch with a walnut finish. 89,883 were produced. All had 28-inch barrels. It was produced in 20ga in 1966 and 1967 with a full choke 26-inch barrel. The Marlin 50DL was produced in a birch/walnut stock in 1996, 12ga, 28-inch barrel with fixed modified choke. In 1997 and 1998 it was produced with a black synthetic stock. I found one reference stating it was produced after 1998, but can't confirm it. The answer to your question is that while they are generally similar, they are not the same.

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