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Does the US Constitution allow for a President to issue 'signing statements'?

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Does the constitution require the president to have a cabinet?

No, the Constitution does not require that the President have a cabinet. It does allow the President to have a cabinet, though.

Does India constitution allow a person to be the president of India twice?

YES, indian constitution gives permission to a president to reelect as president of india...

Who are the president and vice president of Pakistan?

Asif Ali Zardari is the President of Pakistan today, and Pakistan's constitution does not allow for a vice President.

Can a naturalized citizen become president of the US?

No, unless the US Constitution is amended to allow it. The US Constitution requires that the US President be a "natural born citizen."

Why the president allow a bill to sit without signing it?

The bill becomes what is called a pocket veto and is not enacted into law.

What is the postal address of the president of Pakistan?

Asif Ali Zardari is the President of Pakistan today, and Pakistan's constitution does not allow

Suggested the Constitution allow for three branches of government?

It was James Madison who suggested the Constitution allow for three branches of government. Madison would go on to serve as the 4th President of the United States.

Why did Sam Houston not run for president at the end of his first term?

Because the Texas Constitution did not allow it.

What happens if the president goes insane while in office?

The 25th amendment to the Constitution allows for a procedure to allow the Vice President to assume the duties of "Acting President".

What has to happen for the president to get line-item veto power?

The Constitution needs to be amended to allow it as one of the options when the president receives a bill from Congress.

Why does the constitution allow for the removal of the president?

They made it very hard to remove a president , but it seemed reasonable to be able to remove a president who was corrupt or totally incompetent before his term was up.

What does signing off a computer allow you to do?

Signing off (logging off) allows you to protect your account.

What us president allowed political parties to form?

It wasn't up to any president to ALLOW political parties to form, but they first formed under George Washington as the Constitution came about, some people were for the Constitution, federalists, and some were against the constitution, anti-federalists.

Why did president Putin step down?

The Russian Federation Constitution demands does not allow Putin to run again. He is allowed to be Prime Minister as there is no rule in the Constitution which prevents this. So really he is "President" --just behind the scenes. Mir out!

What is the purpose of the twenty second amendment of the Constitution?

to limit the power of a president and not allow them to become a dictator and be president for a lifetime too much power goes to ones head

What made president jefferson reluctant to approve the louisiana purchase?

President Jefferson was reluctant to approve the Louisiana Purchase because he was not certain that it was legal. He was worried the constitution did not allow the purchase.

What is the nameof the new amendment that would allow children to run for president?

No such amendment exists. According the the Constitution, the minimum age is 35.

For how many years has Barack Obama been president?

In 2013 this is his 5th year of office. The US constitution will only allow him to do 8.

Two enumerated powers that allow the president to influence domestic policy?

The constitution says that the president can enforce the laws and maintain them. He can also veto bills that would otherwise become law.

Does the constitution allow a woman to be president and what amendment discusses this?

The US Constitution requires the President to be a US citizen by birth, and aged at least 35. There was never a requirement as to gender, before the Constitutional Amendment which gave women the right to vote, or since to the best of my knowledge.

Can a president of the US put there spouse as vice president?

no The U. S. Constitution does not allow an elector to vote for a vice president and a president of the same state. If the presidential candidate's spouse happens to live in a different state... no problem, as long as the party approves it.

Which part of the constitution states the president can veto legislation?

Its all part of the Government system of Checks and Balances but then again the president does have to power to enforce the laws which can allow him to veto bills in the legislation and congress

What do amendments to the US Constitution allow Americans to do?

Revise and change the Constitution.

What does the US Constitution allow each state to do?

Establish its own constitution !

What has been the general goal of amendment to the US constitution?

To allow the Government to do things now that the constitution doesn't allow, because the constitution is from many centuries before. They need to update it.