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A country cannot like a country, since a country is made up of many people and things. The US is an allied nation to the UK and visa versa.

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What country does chris brown like more UK or US?


When is teennick UK becoming a tv channel like in the us?


How much does it cost to ship a piano from the UK to the US?

like 200

Is the UK Northwest of the US?

No, the UK is East of the US.

Is the US united with the UK?

No the US is not united UK.

What is the difference between the US and the UK?

The US and UK are two different countries. The US is the United States of America, and the UK is the United Kingdom.The UK colonized the US into what it is now.

Which European country is most like the US economically?

France and Germany and the UK

Are us Wii games compatible in the UK?

No, because the US and the UK are in different regions UK-Pal US-NTSC.

Why is mathematics math in us and math in uk?

There are several instances where the US spelling differs from the UK version: sulfur (US) sulphur (UK) aluminum (US) aluminium (UK) color, honor, labor, vigor (US) colour etc (UK)

Can you Lose US Citizenship if you Became UK Citizen?

US and UK allow Dual citizenship. A person can be a US citizen and a citizen of UK if he/she desires to. But if a person applies to get naturalized as a citizen of UK when he/she is already a US citizen, then it will lead to losing US citizenship.So a person can have US & UK citizenship as long he/she is not a naturalized citizen of UK.

What are some examples of the difference between American English and British English?

Editors note: This list is always growing. If you know of a difference in language that doesn't appear here, please feel free to add it under the appropriate sub-heading below. If there is no appropriate sub-heading just add a new one. Please try to present your additional translations in the same format as shown in order to avoid confusion. Any personal comments should be posted on the discussion page. Many thanks.1. Pronunciation:Fillet (Steak): UK: "Fill-it", US: "Fill-ay".Tomato: UK "Tom-ah-toe", US "Tom-ay-toe"2. Spelling:UK: colour, US: colorUK:neighbour, US: neighbor3. Differences in words and meaning:Words for vehicles:UK: Bonnet, US: HoodUK: Bumper, US: FenderUK: Boot, US: TrunkUK: Hire, US: RentalUK: Taxi, US: CabUK: Flyover, US: OverpassUK: Gearbox, US: TransmissionUK: Crank-shaft, US: CamshaftUK: Selector, US: ShifterUK: Manual / Automatic (Gearbox), US: Stick-shift / AutoUK: underground, US: subwayWords for clothing:UK: Pants US: Briefs / UnderwearUK: Trousers, US: PantsUK: Waistcoat, US: VestUK: Wallet, US: Billfold / PocketbookUK: Handbag, US: Pocketbook / PurseUK: Bum-bag, US: Fanny-packUK: Nappy, US: DiaperWords for people & anatomy:UK: Tramp, US: BumUK: Bum / Arse, US: Butt / Fanny/ assUK: Copper / Bobby / Pig / Rozzer, US: CopWords for food:UK: Chips, US: Fries / French-friesUK: Crisps, US: ChipsUK: Take away, US: Take outUK: Quarter, US: QuartUK: Jam, US: JellyUK: Jelly, US: JelloWords for places:UK: Shop, US: StoreUK: lift, US: elevatorUK:pavement, US:sidewalkWords for things:UK: Cotter Pin, US: Cotler pin / Split pinUK: Circlip, US: Snap clipUK: spanner US: wrenchUK: Fag, US: Cigarette4. Grammar Differences:UK: have/has got, US: have/hascentre = centercolour = coloraeroplane = airplanemoustasche = mustaschepyjamas = pajamassledge = sledlitre = literorganise/organize = organizeanalyse = analyzetravelled = traveledliscence = licenseStructural DifferencesThe use of the conjunction and in some sentencesUK: Come and be my teacher.US: Come be my teacher. (and is omitted)

What is a size 11 soccer cleat in the UK?

UK sizes are one smaller than US. So a UK 11 is a US 12, and a US 11 is a UK 10.

What in the conversion of 1 UK gallons to US Gallons?

The conversion from UK to US gallons is: UK gallons x 1.201 = US gallons

Does the us pay tax to the UK?

No. The US owes money to the UK, but it is part of its national debt, and not a 'tax', which the UK has no power to impose on the US.

How do you convert women sizes from England sizes to u.s. sizes?

to convert UK sizes to US you subtract 2 sizes from the UK size. e.g. US Size 0 = UK Size 4 US Size 2 = UK Size 6 US Size 4 = UK Size 8 US Size 6 = UK Size 10 US Size 8 = UK Size 12 US Size 10 = UK Size 14 US Size 12 = UK Size 16

Why is there difference in US gallon and UK gallon?

It looks like the UK gallon originated from the 'ale gallon' while the US gallon originated from the 'wine gallon'. See related Wikipedia link.

What size is 8 in US size?

well im from the US and I'm a size 0 here and would be a size 4 in the UK. that means that: US Size 2 = UK Size 6 US Size 4 = UK Size 8 US Size 6 = UK Size 10 US Size 8 = UK Size 12 US Size 10 = UK Size 14 US Size 12 = UK Size 16 - so a UK size 8 would make you a us size 4! ~beelover

Does England have states?

Kind of. England is one of the four countries in the UK, and in England, there are 83 counties. Within those counties there are cities. So if you compare it to the US, the UK and the US could be considered the countries, the four countires in the UK would be compared to the states we have in the US (ex: Georgia, Florida, New Jersey), their counties, (ex: Cheshire) would be just like the counties we have in the US, and just like the US, there are cities within the counties (ex: Holmes Chapel, Cheshire, England, UK). Hope that helps.

What does UK size 12 UK equal in us size?

In women's clothing, a UK size 12 is a US size 8. A women's UK shoe size 12 is a US 14 and a men's UK shoe size 12 is a US 12.5.

Is UK larger than us?

No, the UK is much smaller than the US.

What does UK shoe size mean?

It's your shoe size in the United Kingdom.Because the United States uses the older, outdated imperial system, while the United Kingdom uses the modern, updated metric system, the measurements are different.UK and US shoe size comparisons:UK Size 2 = US Size 4.5UK Size 2.5 = US Size 5UK Size 3 = US Size 5.5UK Size 3.5 = US Size 6UK Size 4 = US Size 6.5UK Size 4.5 = US Size 7UK Size 5 = US Size 7.5UK Size 5.5 = US Size 8UK Size 6 = US Size 8.5UK Size 6.5 = US Size 9UK Size 7 = US Size 9.5UK Size 7.5 = US Size 10UK Size 8 = US Size 10.5

Is the UK allied wiith the us?

yes they have been allies for about 100 yrs! but not as long as like cannada and places like this!:).........

Does England have different levels of government like state and federal like the US?

Well, there is local governments in the UK. I think.

Do UK 360 consoles play us games?

no only UK games play on UK consoles, and US games to not play on UK consoles

Can a US citizen marry UK citizen and get citizenship in UK?

Sometimes. A US citizen can marry anybody he/she likes. If a US citizen marries a UK citizen, that alone will not entitle him/her to UK citizenship. The US Citizen will stand to lose the US citizenship if he/she applies to get naturalized as a US citizen. UK citizenship can be acquired sometimes by descent.

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