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Does the US military use fire trucks in combat?

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Depends on what you mean my "combat". The USAF stations fire support vehicles at every base. These vehicles are in combat zones, but no one is riding them down the streets of Baghdad. Fire support vehicles are considered non-combat vehicles. But like everything else, people can shoot at them.

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What is a combat bra?

Combat bra is military grade version of regular bra. It's design is like sport bra but the materials are tested in military conditions such as long periods of use without washing, combat durability and flammability. The main study is focused to the fastening system, which function in regular models are proved to be poor in military use.

Which branch of the military uses a combat fitness test?

Pretty much all branches of the military use some type of combat fitness test. Combat fitness tests are especially important for special operations forces such as the Navy SEAL program.

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Why do some police forces use ambulances but not fire trucks?

They will USE whatever they have to. Why would they want to use a fire truck? correct answer vehicles used all depends on the structure of the department police departments have emt and paramedics so do fire dept but police and fire fighters have completely different training police are not trained in the operation of fire vehicles, so it would not be any reason for them to drive one Some police forces, called Public Saftey have police officers who are trained as firefighters, and they do use fire trucks.

What is military infantry with a military dog called?

The world's militaries use war dogs for many purposes in combat, such as scouting, tracking, and sentry duty.

What type of hand to hand combat does the u.s. military use?

jie jistu and ju jistu

Why would someone need to use an M35?

The M35 2.5 ton truck is used by the United States Army. They have been used to haul cargo, as medical vans, as fire trucks in military zones, and by civilians such as firefighters and farmers.

Why does the military use robots?

The military uses robots for a large number of reasons, with bomb disposal, combat, and air strikes being very notable uses.

What groups use combat service support in the United States?

Combat support services are for military related circumstances. The combat service support is there for the troops and to provide them with any necessities they may need while doing a tour.

What kind of equipment does the US Air Force use?

Jets, planes, helicopters, trucks, jeeps, and fire extinguishers.

What companies manufacture ACR type rifles?

Bushmaster manufacturers the ACR rifle. It is an adaptive combat rifle. Remington manufacturers an ACR for military use. It is part of their Adaptive Combat System.

What types of trucks do they have at a fire station?

Various types of fire trucks, which will vary by department and what kind of environment they operate in. A more rural fire department might have trucks with internal water storage, whereas an urban fire department can rely on the availability of fire hydrants. A city fire department would be more prone to having hook-and-ladder trucks in order to reach tall buildings, whereas this wouldn't be as much of an issue for a more rural fire department. Brush trucks would be more commonplace in a rural or small town fire department, what these are will also be dependent on the fire department and what they deal with. For a fire department which might deal with vacant lot fires, but not major forest fires, it may simply be a modified 4x4 pickup, whereas other departments may use demilitarised tactical trucks and tracked vehicles. Some departments will have ambulances as their stations, since EMS is normally part of Fire and Rescue for that town, city, or county.

What is the average life span of military trucks?

They are usually done being use after about 5 years. you may find some at auction.

Different of military aircraft and civil aircraft?

military aircraft are used for military purposes i.e combat, military cargo, extraction of troops and etc.. civil aircraft are ones use for commercial airlines for example. British airways and Qantas.

Where are fire trucks made before they go out into public use?

HME is one company that manufactures fire trucks. The company is location in Michigan and has been in the heavy-duty transportation manufacturing industry for over one hundred years, having been founded in 1913.

Why are federal BLM fire trucks smaller than city fire trucks?

City fire trucks (which are called structural engines because they fight fires in structures) have to carry ladders along with a much larger pump because they use much more water than BLM (wildland fire) engines. Since they don't need all that extra large equipment wildland fire engines to be built shorter to make it easier for them to maneuver on mountain roads and through dense forest areas.

What objects use linkages?

Umbrellas 'n strollerz 'n pree much N-E-thing else :) fire trucks

Can a marine with other than honorable discharge use his military benefits?

Good Question. You can get Medical with preexisting unless you were in combat no GIBILL

Which principles are relevant to how the US armed forces use combat power across the range of military operations?

restraint, perseverance, and legitimacy

Why did fire trucks use Dalmatians?

The reason is because dalmations weren't afraid of the horses that the fire "trucks" back then used. Also they would bark so people would get out of the way. Soon though they used trucks instead of horses and the dogs got scared of the sirens. Also it was not safe for the dog to run with the truck. The fire fighters felt bad so they carried on the tradtion even if the dogs didn't help.

What led to the construction and use of trenches in combat?

It was ground artillery wars that led to the construction and use of trenches in combat. These trenches provided military members with an adequate area to position themselves against opposing forces that took them out of the direct line of hand artillery.

Do gasoline make cars or trucks move?

Both. Cars and trucks use different types - cars use regular and trucks use deisel - but both are still gasoline.

Why was the global positioning system invented?

The global positioning system was invented as a military tool for use in combat operations. It then expanded to regular society.

Which of the following additional principles are relevant to how the Us. armed forces use combat power acress the range of military operations?


What are robots used for today?

Robots are used for industrial purposes, entertainment such as sports and combat, for military use, for medical use, help around the house and to explore dangerous places.