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The legislative branch has legislative powers I believe. you had better double check though.

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What are the Powers vested in the congress of the United States?


Who has the legislative powers in america?

The President of the United States

What are the legislative powers of the president?

The president of the United States has no legislative powers. He or she can suggest bills for Congress to consider, but the president does not make law.

All legislative powers were given to whom?

All legislative powers are vested to Congress. This is outlined in Article I, Section I of the United States Constitution.

Who has legislative powers?

In the United States, according to US Constitution:All legislative powers herein granted shall be vested in a Congress of the United States, which shall consist of a Senate and House of Representatives.

Legislative powers at the county level are exercised by?

In most counties in the United States, legislative powers are exercised by the county commissioners. They are usually elected by the citizens of the county.

Does the United Nations have a separate constitution?

The Laws governing the United Nations is set down in the Charter of the United Nations. It describes the UN's organisations, duties, powers and more.

What is the difference between legislative and non-legislative powers?

Legislative powers are lawmaking and non-legislative powers are non-lawmaking.

What are two powers of the legislative branch?

passes laws makes taxes controls trade between the united states and other nations raises an army declares war prints and coins

Powers vested in the congress?

The powers vested in Congress are legislative powers. This is outlined in Article 1, Section 1 of the United States Constitution.

Which nations comprised the Allied Powers?

Great Britain, France, and Russia united as the Allied Powers.

The united nations was formed in which country?

The United Nations was formed in San Francisco from April to June 1945. However, the first mention of the United Nations occurred in Washington D.C. in 1942 when Axis Powers signed the Declaration of the United Nations.

Compare and Contrast the creation and purpose of the United Nations to the League of Nations?

The United Nations had a better enforcement of power. The United Nations has more members of the current world's states. The GA and SC of the UN have more powers.

What are three examples of separation of powers?

Executive, Legislative, and Judicial branches in the United States.

What three major powers were not members of the League of Nations?

The United States, Germany, and Russia were three major powers that were not members of the League of Nations. The League of Nations lasted from 1919 to 1946.

What factors fostered cooperation between the great powers?

The United Nations

What are non-legislative powers?

What are the Non Legislative Powers or Congress???

Which branch of government has reserved powers?

The legislative branch of government has reserved powers set forth in the Constitution of the United States. The legislative branch can make new laws that citizens must follow.

Does the United Nations Organization have legislative powers?

If we consider the UN as a country - then a resolution is like a bill or an act or a law, and the GA and occasionally the SC generate these. The SC and Secretariat act as Executive. The ICJ is the judiciary.

What are the four elements of the separation of powers?

The Exectutive, Judicial, legislative branches and the people of the United States.

What has the author J Goormaghtigh written?

J. Goormaghtigh has written: 'Parliaments and the United Nations' -- subject(s): Information services, International agencies, Legislative bodies, United Nations

What is the definition to non-legislative powers?

the definition of non legislative powers is: The powers that congress was denied.

Who has the legislative law making powers?

Congress has the legislative (law-making) powers. :)

Who found the UN?

The United Nations was formed by the representatives of 26 nations in 1942, wherein they agreed to fight the Axis Powers. The term "United Nations" was coined by Franklin D. Roosevelt.

What principle guided the organization of the United Nations (UN)?

Cooperation among the great powers rather than equality among all nations.