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Does the Vietnam Veterans' Memorial send a message that matters?

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It sends the message quite well. Unfortunately, very few people are listening.

2006-09-12 01:17:34
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Q: Does the Vietnam Veterans' Memorial send a message that matters?
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What message does Dr Robert J Lifton claim that American society sends Vietnam veterans?

Dr. Robert Lifton claimed that American society sent out a message to the veterans of the Vietnam war that they were not appreciated. Unlike soldiers from past wars who came home to adoring masses and huge parades, the Vietnam veterans were reviled.

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Why did south Vietnam collapse?

From 1965 to 1973, the United States, Australia, South Korea, Canada, and other countries helped to defend South Vietnam from North Vietnamese Communist attacks. The goal of the North was to re-unify Vietnam into a single country again. The South's goal was to maintain a free-capital society and a democratic government. The message and resolve of the North, to restore a single Vietnam, had a far more powerful emotional message. When allied forces left South Vietnam in April 1973, leaving the South Vietnamese forces to fend for themselves, much of their spirit to fight was lost, and the country became an easy prey for the North. Two years later, in April, 1975, North Vietnamese forces conquered their final obstacle - the Presidential Palace in Saigon, and dissolved the South Vietnamese government.

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