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No the abuser does not love that person they love controlling and abusing that person and that's it.

It is difficult for there to be love in an abusive relationship. The abuser can not truly give love or receive it because he or she is mentally disabled. The abusive personality is a mental disorder and the abuser needs to seek psychiatric help.

An abusive relationship is not a healthy one and no matter what the abuser says, he or she can not love you, it is obsession and control that drives an abusive partner.

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Q: Does the abuser really love the person being abused?
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Can domestic abuse and Stockholm Syndrome collide Meaning can feeling guilty while being abused be called Stockholm Syndrome?

An abused person can identify with their abuser. The abuse itself would not be called Stockholm Syndrome. How the abused feels about the abuser would be Stockholm Syndrome.

How many animals are being abused?

No one really knows how many animals are being abused, just this moment even. But all we can do is not abuse our animals, join non-abuser clubs, like ASPCA online community, and help abused animals.

Can there be true love in an abusive relationship?

No. absolutely not. If you are being abused the person who is abusing you does not truly love you. the Abuser makes you feel responsible for his/her actions. therefore making you believe you are in love with that person.

How do you reason with an abuser?

Reasoning with an abuser is not something the abused person should probably try. Most abusers are very good at manipulation. If you try to discuss it with them, you may be disappointed and become more hurt and angry. If they are an abuser, they already know it, but do not expect them to admit it.Rather then reason with them, you should talk to someone that you trust about it. It might be hard to admit to someone that you are being abused, but it is better to face your fear by reaching out to someone then continuing to be abused.

Will my boyfriend be an abuser if he yells at his mom?

Answer:The Boyfriend might become an abuser, but in the long run he will learn from his mistakes and i believe no, he will not become an abuser, if you feel like your being abused walk away =3

How can you make someone understand an abuser's so-called rules are not really standard rules to live by but rather justifications for his cruel treatment?

you can't. if your being abused or someone else is being abused....GET OUT. abuse will not stop. there are plenty of hotlines to call with counslers. dont wait do it now. local phone book should have listings.

She got abused when she was smallso she abused him?

Yes, abuse is definitely something that is a learned behavior. That's not to say that everyone that is abused will become abusive but there is definitely a correlation between abusers being abused themselves. It's sad because in so many cases the victim becomes the abuser.

What other forms of manipulation do abusers use besides being nice and apologetic to reunite with a partner after a break up?

There are a number of ways that abusers use to try to reunite the relationship. These kinds of people will play the "guilt card" which is kinda like a "poor-me" type of manipulation. Other ways are through gifts like flowers, a card, dinner, etc.; even just questions like "how are you gonna take care of yourself on your own?" and from what I've seen is this form of manipulation where the abused comes running back to the abuser. What happens is that the abused person becomes so used to being treated that way that can't see themselves happy. So by choice, the person who was abused goes running back to the one who abused them. the worst one is when the abuser gets more abusive to try to scare the person back to being with them. And when they do that, its gets real dangerous cause the abuser can possibly take it to extremes.

How to tell when you are being abused?

You are being abused if you get forced to do things you don't really enjoy, or if things are done to you that you don't fully want yourself.

Are you being abusive when you're the one being emotionally abused and you withhold affection?

No. Many times the abuser will tell you you are being abusive as a way to manipulate you into giving affection, which continues the abuse, as manipulation can be a form of abuse.

How do you know that you are not the one who is crazy or PMS'ing and that he is really emotionally abusive?

I think that you answered your own question by saying that for a while you believed it. Abusers manipulate their partners into believing that they are the one at fault. You are being abused, if: (1) He repeats a certain behavior (2) You asked him to stop (for whatever reason). (3) He refuses and continues to behave the way he has. You may well be abusing him - but that does not mean that he is not being abusive towards you. Both parties are sometimes abusive towards each other. Please read the related link below. people who are abusers rarely consider that they might be abusive. even if the stresses of the relationship lead into what might be considered reactive abuse, anyone who honestly tries to adjust to the other person's actual needs, actively listens to the other person, and makes every attempt to stop such behavior, probably is not an abuser. abusers do not take responsibility for their own actions, and in fact often blame the abused. when the abused person reacts to the abuse, the abuser calls that reaction abuse, and will use guilt to try to get the abused to feel responsible for the arguments or difficulties, as well as for the abuser's actions. this is one of the reasons getting away from an abuser is so important. everything clarifies then.

What medical help does a drug abuser need?

i don't know Most likely counseling, possibly medication. Would depend on the drug being abused for treatment options

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