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Compare the weights of the old and the new dryers. The new one probably is much lighter. That means you need to install the new one, because the old one is loaded with crud and moisture.

most manuals recommend that you replace the accumulator whenever you replace the compressor.

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Q: Does the accumulator dryer have to be replaced when the compressor is replaced?
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How do you replace ac compressor 1999 aurora?

Identify and remove freon. Remove the failed compressor and transfer the brackets, sensors, manifolds and switches to the replacement unit. Clean components that are not being replaced. Replace the dryer or accumulator. Install the new compressor.

Why does the remanufactured air conditioning compressor on your 1992 Chevrolet Camaro make execessive noise?

Was the proper amount fo oil installed in the compressor and accumulator when they were replaced? That is the reason ,I, as a repair shop owner will NOT use a remanufactured compressor.

Where is the ac compressor low pressure cut off switch located on a 2000 ford Taurus?

it is on the dryer canister right in front of the coolant overflow tank. It has an electrical connector with to wires on the top of it and it screws onto a port on the accumulator dryer.

What an accumulator in refrigeration system?

right before the compressor

What is the purpose of an accumulator in air conditioning?

An accumulator does just that...accumulates liquid refrigerant to keep from flooding the expansion valve or compressor. It can also be used as a muffler on compressor noise.

You put an ac compressor in your 97 mustang and its making noiseswhat could it be?

The system is very dirty from the first compressor that went out....... If you just replaced the a/c compressor without changing the expansion tube, the accumulator and flushing out the complete system then it will never work correctly......

1998 Chrysler Town and Country compressor locked up what need to be replaced besides the compresser dryer and expansion valve?

That should cover it.

How much does it cost to replace Air conditioning compressor 1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee?

Hi, I have a 93 jeep grand Cherokee with 250,000 miles. I was quoted $650. 00 to have the compressor and dryer replaced. I did the labor(30min) and the shop recharged it for around $370. This also included the compressor, dryer and o ring kit. Thanks, Mo

What causes ac compressor to not disengage?

pressure switch located on the accumulator

Why does air blow out of the accumulator instead of sucking the air in with the compressor engaged?

Assuming that nothing has been changed you're not looking at the accumulator. The aluminum cylinder on the output side of the compressor is a muffler designed to prevent hammering from the compressor being audible in the passenger compartment.

Why do you keep getting metal in your 2007 Malibu ac filter?

More than likely the metal is coming from the compressor. Replace the compressor along with the accumulator/receiver dryer and orifice tube/expansion valve. It is difficult to flush all of the metal out of the system but you must try. Any metal left in the system will eventually destroy the new compressor.

I have a 1994 ford aerostar had a new compressor orfice tube and accumulator installed last summernow my compressor wont work and i cant get it to except freon on the low side?

Make sure your clutch is engaged on the compressor. you can usually do this with a metal paper clip in cycle switch, on the accumulator.

Can a ac accumulator cause a cooling malfunction?

There is no such thing as and air-conditioner accumulator in an automobile. A nonworking air-conditioner compressor can cause a cooling malfunction.

How do you replace Air-conditioner compressor for 2003 Ford Expedition?

The air conditioner/compressor sits on the front passenger side on top of the fender. Remove the water reservoir and then you can disconnect and remove the air compressor. I do not know yet how to remove the air dryer as I cannot see how to remove the air lines from the dryer. I did remove the dryer from the compressor though, by removing a single screw then turning the 1/4 turn and pulling it out of the at worst I will be able to put my new compressor in with the old dryer.

How much pag oil to add to rebuilt 2001 Chevy ac compressor?

You should be able to ask at the autoparts store that the rebuilt compressor came from. Usually a system without rear ac has 8oz. of oil in it if the whole system was evacuated. You need to add at least a couple onces of PAG oil (probably PAG 150 for yours, but confirm it first) into the suction side of the compressor before you install it, then turn it on the clutch end and let it stand for a few minutes to lube the internal front seal. After that install it and once the lines are connected you must rotate the compressor (make sure you are rotating the compressor and not just the clutch) about 10 times to clear the oil out. If you have any trouble adding the oil to the compressor you can rotate it as you add it to pull it in also. You then should have replaced the orfice tube and accumulator/receiver/dryer anytime you replace a compressor and you will add a couple onces of oil into the accumulator/receiver/dryer as well before you install the new one. They both are cheap parts normally. If you replaced the condensor then you need to add a few onces oil into the new one as well. I dealership might be able to tell you more if you ask the parts or service dept. or your local parts stores etc...

Why would your car make a squealing noise after the AC compressor or fice tub and accumulator were replaced?

you should check the belts. Sounds like one is a little loose and slipping. or the system may be over-charged

Do you have to change the air suspension dryer if you change the air bags on a Ford Expedition?

It is recommend, my air bags finally went out on my 01 Expy and I just replaced them with a new after market set from Suncore Industies. They highly recommended replacement of the dryer. It will extened the life of the air compressor. I replaced the air dryer being I still had my original OEM. The entire job was easy to do and everthing works great.

What does an air compressor dryer do?

An air compressor dryer helps to clear away dust, water droplets, gas and oil that might be clogged or stuck in electronic equipment, which can cause problems.

Where do you add freon to a 1999 Chevy S-10?

You can add Freon to your 1999 Chevrolet S 10 pickup truck cooling system, through the air conditioning compressor ports. The ports are located on the top of the compressor. You would add r134 refrigerant through the low pressure port located on the accumulator/dryer.

You replaced the compressor accumulator and orifice tube on a 97 cadillad Seville sts and the acm code b1315 will not reset any ideas?

needs evaporator inlet temp sensor needs evaporator inlet temp sensor

Where is dryer ac in ford explorer explorer?

The air conditioner dryer in your Ford Explorer, is located on the top of the air conditioner compressor. The dryer should be labeled.

How do you replace the air conditioning compressor clutch on your 1997 GMC S15 Jimmy?

You are better off replacing the whole compressor. You can purchase a remanufactured compressor for $30 more and it comes with a 1 year warranty. Also replace the dryer/accumulator with this. It only has 4 bolts that hold the compressor on and it's a one for one swap. First, remove the hoses from the dryer SLOWLY!!! This will allow the system to depressurize. Once the air stops hissing, remove the front and rear connectors from the dryer. Remove the 4 main bolts from the compressor and the one bolt holding the hose connections. Remove the serpentine belt and lift off the compressor. CAUTION****** Drain the oil from the compressor and fill the new one with the same amount of new GM AC oil. Install the new dryer and the new compressor. After installation, I suggest taking the vehicle to a service shop and have them vacuum the system and recharge it. You just saved yourself approximately $400 anyway, so having a professional perform these tasks is only a few dollars. This could save your new ac system in the long run.

How does a air dryer on a truck work?

The compressor compresses air and send it to either a wet tank or directly to the air dryer. Oil and moisture in the compressed air are absorbed by the desiccant in the air dryer canister. When the compressor signals cut out, it also send a signal to the dryer to open the purge valve, which purges the canister.

Why is there aluminum chips in the air conditioning lines?

The compressor need to be replaced along with the dryer and offrice tube or expansion valve. The compressor has internal damage and came apart pumping freon and metal through the hoses. The whole system need to be flushed to remove contaminates.

Where is the low port for recharging the AC system on a 2001 Ford Ranger 3.0 V6?

Look on the accumulator or " dryer"