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For a simple answer: no. For a technical answer: not really.

There are other factors that affect mileage more than the weight of the gas itself. The biggest factors in mileage are the vehicle itself (size, tires, etc.) and external conditions (wind, rain, road gravel, pavement, etc.).

Only if you have a very large tank and it is full. This is only by way of the added weight.

It may seem that it takes longer to go from full to 1/2 than it does to go from 1/2 to empty. That is because the fuel monitor inside your gas tank does not go all the way to empty. It's range is Full to about 1/8th. So, full is full, and empty is really 1/8th. It is designed that way so you won't run out of fuel. But, dont run it that way. Fill back up when you get down to a 1/4 tank because the bottom of your tank has trash and other elements that can hurt your engine and clog your fuel filter.

For a simple answer Yes. The more weight in a car, the more petrol it takes to move the weight.

Even driving with lights on uses more petrol, nothing is free.

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Q: Does the amount of gas in the tank affect mileage?
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Do you get more mileage on a full tank of gas?


How big would a gas tank have to be for better gas mileage?

The size of the gas tank generally has relatively little impact on gas mileage in most vehicles. To the extent that it does, the smaller the better (a larger tank weighs more and therefore requires more energy to move).

What is the gas mileage and size of the gas tank for the 1996 Ford Explorer XLT?

My experience tells me the ga mileage is between 12 -14 MPG and the tank is 21 gals.

Do red pickups get better gas mileage?

The color of paint does not affect gas mileage in any way.

How do you figure miles per gallon?

Start with a full tank of gas. Note the mileage on the odometer. When it's time to fill up, note the ending mileage and the number of gallons it takes to refill the gas tank. Subtract the ending mileage from the beginning mileage to determine how many miles you went on that tank of gas. Divide that number of miles by the number of gallons it took to fill the tank.Example:Starting mileage: 12,000Ending mileage: 12,360Total miles driven on tank: 360Gallons of gas to refill tank: 14So, 360/14 = 25.7 miles per gallon

Does a faulty power steering pressure switch affect gas mileage?

Yes, the faulty power steering pressure switch does affect the gas mileage. It will give a wrong reading of the gas mileage. It is therefore important to fix it when it is faulty.

Does old oxygen sensor effect gas mileage?

If it is malfunctioning it can affect fuel mileage.

Can wheels and tires affect gas mileage?


What is the formula to calculate mileage of car?

As in gas mileage. you take how many miles you can drive on a full tank and divide it by how much your gas tank can hold in gallons and then it should give you your miles per gallon.

What is the gas mileage for a 1988 Honda cbr 600?

Hi there by gas mileage i guess you mean how many miles to a full tank. I get around 140 miles to a tank and that's not trying to drive economically. Regards

Does O2 sensors affect gas mileage and performance?


Will a bad hub affect gas mileage?


Does cold weather affect gas mileage?

Yes. Yes it does!

What is the gas mileage of a 2008 Ford Escape?

About 460-470 km/tank

What is the gas mileage for a 1982 RX7?

0-60 per tank full

How many miles on one tank of gas?

Depends on the mileage of the car you are driving, speed, terrain, and how large the tank is.

Give a fraction notation for amount of gas?

give fraction notation for the amount of gas in the tank

How many miles per gallon does my car do?

You can figure this out with simple mathematics. First fill your tank and drive the car until you have to fill up again. Keep a record of the miles you drove on the first tank of gas. Refill the tank and divide the amount of gallons put in the tank the last time into the miles you drove and you will have your gas mileage.

How does rear axle ratio affect gas mileage?

the lower your rear axle ratio, the worse your mileage.

Kari is driving across the country The longer she drives after filling her gas tank the more gas she will have to put in next time she fills up?

The amount of gas Kari has to put in her tank is a function of how long she has driven since she last put gas in.

How long does a tank of gas last in a wrangler?

It lasts until it is empty. Depends on what fuel mileage you get and how largw the fuel tank is.

What sensors affect gas milage in an f250?

All of the engine sensors can affect fuel mileage.

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