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The android phone has some of the same apps, but not all, vice versa.

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Yes, android phones are able to download thousands of apps very much simular to the IPhone. Some of the apps are exactly the same while others are unique to the android market.

no. there may be the same or similar apps on iphone app store but you cannot use the android version on iphone... just like you cant use pc software on a mac or vice versa...

In short....No. Iphone run their own opporating system so you can only use apps from the App Store. Android phone like the htc wildfire run an Android opporating system so you can only use apps from the "Android Market".

If you have an iPhone, you download apps from the mobile app store , online. this is the same concept with android - powered phones , you obtain apps from the google marketplace.

Android is the best because it has the most apps and the best.

Android apps are blurrier, crasier, and sometimes maliciously dangerous and can infect your entire phone with a virus over night.

Worlds best 5 android and iphone mobile apps are :Angry BirdsAir flight Control - Android (not avail on iOS, releasing on iphone soon)Ant SmasherBird Hunting - Android (not avail on iOS, releasing on iphone soon)Air Control

No they are not. Because Android and Apple OS are two separate entities, they use different technologies, software coding, and processes for developing applications. Most companies that make smart phone applications will usually produce a separate application of the same kind appropriate for use on an Android-based phone, or an iPhone.

True the iphone does have more apps, but android has the most FREE! apps.

Apple is too good for Android to take their apps directly. Their display would look weird on their devices anyway.

There is some iphone and android apps

The iPhone and Android phones both use their own languages for programming applications: the iPhone uses Objective - C, where Android uses Java.

the iphone4 is better because the app world is more iPhone friendly then they are for android but as apps go an iPhone is able to access apps faster then the leading android phone.

open source allows anyone to create apps for the os. google thought this would help in the creation of apps. it has. android has more free apps than the iphone.

Not in the same way as iphone. Iphone run their own separate opporating system and you can buy apps on the app store (accessable through itunes). Htc on the other hand run the Android opporating system (created by google). Simularly this has its own app store (the "Android Market") where you can download apps and games .etc.

Unfortunatly you can't. This is because on the app store, the apps are written only for the IOS (Iphone Operating System) whereas the apps on the android market are written for the Android OS. The Wildfire uses Android.

apple has more apps, while android is like having a jailbroken iphone by default because you can change widgets and themes and anyone can make an android app

The answer is yes, there are a few different apps out there that you can download the Garmin Gps onto your phone. The apps are available for the iPhone and Android phones as well.

No, you cant use iphone app on android because Android based phone and tablets use Android OSand iphone is based on iOS because of different operating systems app cant work on both but now trends are changed famous apps are not compatible on both, their developerschange the code to make it work on android and iphone. logic remains the same but codes are different like Angry Birdswhich is considered the best game app is compatible with both of these also Air Flight Control developers announced that sooner it will be available on iphone. Now slowly every famous app would be available on all major apps platforms.

no regular mp3 players can not get apps the only things that can are the ipod touch, iphone .android phone and the blackberry

Can you use Windows apps on IOS? NO! Same for the Pre. it's WebOS. not Android OS!

The Samsung galaxy differs from the iphone in that it uses the android market while the iphone uses the app store from apple. there are not a lot of differences except for some exclusive apps for android and apple.

iphone, blackberry, t-mobile g1, and soon, other Android phones

Currently the iPhone has the largest app store, so it would have the most apps available. Android phones also have a lot of apps available.

The Sciphone is basically an imitation iPhone product. Many of the models run Android 1.5, so you can download and use apps.