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The answer is no. I have changed mine twice in the last six months. All you do is use a large socket to tap the bearing back into the tube. Be sure to make sure the bearing goes in straight and tap squarely on the socket. Make sure your bearing doesn't go in at an angle. If you haven't removed the old bearing yet, you will need a removal tool that looks like a dent puller. These can be rented at Advance Auto.

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Q: Does the axle bearing on a 1999 ford F-150 have to be pressed into the axle tube?
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How do you change a rear wheel bearing in a 1993 Mustang GT 5.0 V8?

if you have to ask how to do this job, then it is beyond your ability. that bearing is pressed on the axle........

What to they mean when they need to get something pressed out when working on the left rear axel seal on a 1989 F150?

Your truck uses bearings that are pressed onto the axles IN FRONT of the seals. GREAT design i know. The Bearigns have to be presses off and usually replaced when changing axle seals. Usually the cause of the axle seal leak IS a worn Bearing, causing the axle to move too much, and out of the seals range on motion.

What is the Towing capacity for a 1999 ford f150 4.6 v8 3.55ls axle?


How do you change axle bearing in 2001 dodge?

you must change the whole hub unit it's all pressed together

Replace rear hub and bearing 1999 Honda crv?

how hard is it to replace a rear wheel bearing 1999 Honda crv. this crv does not have rear axle's in it. thank you

How to replace a2002 suzuki aerio wheel bearing?

Remove the brake assembly , remove the axle nut, pull out the hub which is very tightly in place with the bearing in it. Have a new bearing pressed into the hub and put it all back together and ABSOLUTELY use a "NEW" axle nut and stake it into place.

How do you change a rear wheel bearing on a 99 silvarado 2500?

remove the axle shaft from the differential, old bearing is pressed on to shaft and must be removed. I've never been able to get one off in useable condition so carefully chisel it off. new bearing must be pressed on and most parts outlets will do it for you.

How do you change a wheel bearing on a 1999 Mercury Cougar?

Remove the tire and wheel from your 1999 Mercury Cougar. Remove the axle end. Remove the wheel bearing retaining nuts. Remove the wheel seal and the wheel bearing. Reverse the process to install your new wheel bearing.

How do you wheel bearing for Volvo s80?

Wheel bearing are what allow wheels to spin smoothing on an axle. A broken wheel bearing can lead to fatal car accidents. To replace a wheel bearing on a Volvo s80 remove the wheel hub and have the bearing pressed out. Press the new bearing into the wheel hub to ensure a safe install.

How do you replace rear bearing on 1997 Ford Ranger?

you will have to have the axle pulled at a shop.the bearing slides along the axle shaft and seats in the axle housing.

How do you remove the right front axle shaft out of the differential on a 1992 ford F150 4x4 with a 5.8L?

How to remove the right side axle half on a 1995 f150

How do you replace the front wheel bearings on a 1999 Dodge Avenger ES?

Begin by removing the tire and wheel from your 1999 Dodge Adventure. Remove the end of the axle. Remove the wheel bearing retaining nut. Remove the wheel bearing seal and remove the wheel bearing. Reverse the process to install your new wheel bearing.

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