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If it is your wedding you can have it set up however you would like. I have been to weddings that do not follow the normal tradition and they have been wonderful! If you do not want people to give a speech, do chicken dances or play wedding games it is perfectly fine...


Yes, yes, yes. Even though a lot of best men are shy and feel that they don't have the right words for the occasion, it's imperative that a toast be given if a formal wedding reception is to take place.

In this day and age, there is little excuse for not giving a toast. There are books and websites strictly dedicated to choosing the right words for the right occasion.

As the best man, when you give a toast, one of the most important things to do is to include a little tidbit of information about how you know the groom (and bride, if you do). Sprinkle a little humor in the story, and try to craft the toast around this information.

Most importantly, give the new couple your fondest wishes of luck and engage everyone at the reception in wishing them well on their new marriage and a long-lasting, happy relationship.

Absolutely, as Best Man giving a speech or toast is part of your duties and almost as important as looking after the rings! The speeches are an eagerly anticipated part of weddings and the most important thing to do is relax and remember that everyone is on your side and wants your speech to be a success.

That is the tradition. however, it's been my experience that it is also acceptable for the maid of honor to do it

It is what usual, normal weddings do. You don't have to if you don't want to, it's your decision. But mostly all weddings have the best men give a speech. It just brings out what you know and what is going to happen with the new couple. But in my defense, the weddings in my family don't do it. Usually a friend of the bride or groom, relative, grandparents or the bride or groom's parents gives the speech. Also, it doesn't have to be a long speech. 5 or 6 sentences will do the job. Just let the speech make the couple happy and let them want to continue their life together. And be CONFIDENT in what you're doing and tell them if you don't want to do it.

Traditionally in Western weddings the best man toasts the bride and groom and gives a speech. He also toasts the bride's attendants, i.e., bridesmaids and matron(s) of honor.

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Q: Does the best man have to give a speech or a toast at the wedding reception?
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Does the best man give a speech at the rehearsal dinner or reception after wedding?

The best man gives the speech at the wedding reception.

How do you honor your best friend-matron of honor-in your wedding who unexpectedly pasted away before the wedding?

How about having a toast to her in the reception?

When should you toast at a wedding reception?

Generally, the best time to toast is after the majority of people have arrived and have had time to eat or drink something.AnswerThe traditional time to give your toast at a wedding reception is after the meal although it is becoming increasingly common for people to do the speeches and toasts before the meal. Nowadays more and more couples decide to get the speeches over and one with before the meal. The wedding MC or best man will introduce the speakers - normally the wedding speech order is :1) Father of the bride speech2) Best Man Speech3) Groom SpeechModern Brides that also want to say something may do so with ease these days!

Who gives the toast at a wedding reception?

Often the groom will give a toast to his bride and also the Best Man. At the request of a parent it is quite acceptable for a father or mother to give a toast as well. There are no strict rules any long to what one wishes to do at their own wedding.

Do the groom's parents usually make a toast at a wedding reception?

The first toast is done by the best man, always. Thereafter, any toast can be made and they should be considered a compliment of love by any who make them, that is as long as they are tactful. Traditions will be different depending on the country you live in but in the UK, it's not usually expected that the Groom's Parents will make a toast. The order for UK wedding speeches is normally, Father of the Bride, Groom then Best Man.

When is the best man speech given?

during the reception(=

Who is the guy who gives speeches at the wedding?

The best man acts as the master of ceremonies. He not only gives a speech and toast, but he introduces others who may want to speak.

Who does the Groom toast?

The groom could toast the bride and/or her parents. Traditionally its the best man who toasts the wedding couple.

Who initiates toast at wedding reception?

Sometimes the best man will do this honor ... at other times, the groom. There is not real written rule for this ... just let it happen, and enjoy the moment without everything being "planned" or orchestrated.

When does the maid of honor give her speech?

Speeches are done during the reception. Usually parents speak first, best man, then maid of honor. A wedding planning or wedding etiquette book will give the order of speeches and toasts.

How much does it cost to rent banquet halls for a wedding reception?

It costs about $5,000 to rent banquet halls for a wedding reception

What happens after a wedding service?

After the wedding ceremony the wedding guests - including the bridal party and bride and groom - go to the wedding reception.The wedding reception is a celebration of the marriage. It's a party atmosphere and can be elaborate with a sit down meal, cake cutting ceremony, bouquet and garter toss, and dancing.The wedding reception is usually coordinated by the Wedding MC. The Best Man or Maid/Matron of Honor can double as the Wedding MC or the Wedding Master of Ceremonies could be a close friend of the bride and groom.The Wedding MC's role is to ensure the wedding reception runs smoothly. [

How do you give a speech before cutting a cake at a wedding?

Speeches at a reception should be given at the head table where the bride and groom are along with the bridesmaids; maid of honor; best man and ushers.

When does the best man give his speech?

Traditionally, it's during the reception, usually as the first toast of the event. The first toast is usually delivered by the father of the bride followed by the groom then completed by the best man. However it is becoming more commonplace for the bride, the bridesmaid and sometimes the mother of the bride to say a few words also.

Need Help With Best Mans Speech When you dont agree with the wedding?

If you're going to be the Best Man and give the Best Man's speech, give one that sounds as if you DO agree with the wedding. If you can't do that, ask the groom to find another Best Man. Don't ruin your friend's wedding.

Who is a best man?

The best man is the chief male assistant to the bridegroom at a wedding. In North America and Europe, the groom extends this honour to someone who is close to him, generally either a brother or his closest male friend. Some responsibilities of the best man include: * assist the groom on the wedding day, * keep the wedding rings safe until needed during the ceremony, * act as a legal witness to the marriage, and * make a toast to the bride and groom at the reception.

How many appetizers to make for 150 people for a wedding reception that starts at 8pm and still put on a beautiful spread?

When serving appetizers for a wedding reception there is generally three to four appetizers per guest. You can either phone around to caterers for the best prices or, ask your family if they are willing to pitch in and make appetizers for the wedding reception.

What does a best man do at a wedding reception?

The best man is there to support the groom can be your brother or a bestfriend, like my marine bud.

When should you toast at a wedding rehersal dinner?

you should toast, how you feel about your bride/groom, how your relationship would be like (don't forget about best man's speach).

Who gives toasts for a wedding?

Most often the best man or bride's father makes the first toast.

How far in advance are you expected to reserve the banquet hall for a wedding reception?

The answer to your question depends on where you are having wedding reception. Some popular places are booked up two years or more in advance. The best answer I can give is to suggest you book as soon as you set a date.

What subject would be taboo for the best man to bring up in his wedding toast?

The sexual escapades of the bride or groom.

Can wedding reception cards be printed through an online printing service?

Wedding reception cards can easily be printed through an online printing service, provided that is one of the offered services. Shop around for the best rate and be sure to check the printer's reputation for timeliness and quality!

What was the original purpose of the best man speech?

The original purpose for this speech is to be memorable at a wedding. This is when a guy can tell his true feelings to his friend. He doesn't have to be embarrassed because it's apart of the wedding.

When does the best man give the speech at the wedding?

Typically, it's after dinner is served, but before the first dance. If you're looking for help developing the perfect wedding speech, check out