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Cable hookupyou can string them in order wall to cable box ( if needed ) box to vcr ( for recording ) vcr to DVD and DVD to tv. Mine is hooked up wall to box, box to splitter, splitter to tv ( I have dual tuners for pip ) then coaxial out plugs on DVD to coaxial in on tv ( I don't use a vcr any more but if I did it would be after the splitter and before the tv.) There is no need to send cable to the DVD unless it is a recorder also or if you don't have auxiliary inputs on the tv.
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Do you lose signal strength with a four way splitter for antenna signal?

Yes, you will typically lose signal strength using a four way splitter, especially if the signal coming into the home is weak to begin with. Each split results in a decrease in signal strength.

Which adsl network component removes or combines the pots signal from the adsl signal?


Why would someone need to use an audio splitter?

An audio splitter is a handy device, especially in this day and age with the popularity of iPods and MP3 players. The audio splitter is used to split the audio signal in 2 or more paths. A person wanting to share their iPod or MP3 player would use an audio splitter.

How does a monitor splitter cable work?

A monitor splitter cable is used to hook two monitors up to one computer. The splitter divides the signal from your computer into two parts that each monitor can display.

Will cable company know I'm using a splitter?

No, but keep in mind that every time you split the signal you loose one half of the signal strength. It would be best to use a powered splitter so you don't have this loss.

Can you use a splitter back of your tv so you can put another cable in from another normal tv?

Yes, if you are low on signal strength, use a powered splitter. The passive splitter cuts the sig. strength in half.

How many coaxial splitters can you use?

It depends on your signal level and the signal necessary for your equipment. Each splitter reduces the available signal level to items that are downstream.

Why is my reception poor using splitter?

A splitter does exactly what it suggests - it splits the signal and also splits the energy available to each receiver. As each receiver sees only half the signal, they will also see more noise on the line as the receiver boosts the signal level. More noise means more disturbance to the picture. You may benefit by using an active splitter (one that uses a power supply) but these also have a tendency to increase the noise level as well. If the source is an ariel, you might do better to replace it with a larger or more directional model that will deliver a stronger signal to the splitter.

Does the TVs signal get worst the more times you split the cable?

you will lose 3dB of signal level per each split on a passive splitter.

What is a video splitter?

AnswerA video splitter is a passive (no moving parts) device that takes an input signal and electronically splits it into two output signals.It is best to use a powered one.

What is HDMI splitter cable used for?

The purpose of an HDMI splitter cable is to take HDMI signal from a source (such as satellite television service) and split that signal to multiple televisions. Such splitter cables are very handy to have when one owns more than one high definition television and wishes to enjoy high definition programming while saving money.

What is splitter?

splitter, sometimes called a "plain old telephone service splitter," is a device that divides a telephone signal into two or more signals, each carrying a selected frequency range, and can also reassemble signals from multiple signal sources into a single signal. Users getting connected to the Internet with Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL) service may, in some cases, have a splitter installed at their home or business. Users elsewhere may be able to get splitterless service (which means that a splitter doesn't need to be installed). For ADSL, the splitter divides the incoming signal into low frequencies to send to voice devices and high frequencies for data to the computer. The telephone company's central office also uses a POTS splitter to send low-frequency voice signals on to the voice telephone network and to send high-frequency data to a Digital Subscriber Line Access Multiplexor (DSLAM) for transmission to the Internet.

How do TV signal boosters work?

Television signal boosters are supposed to work by amplifying an existing signal received by a viewer. Typically, the range of signal is very limited and require that the TV is fed independently from a signal booster instead of from a splitter.

What is an HDMI splitter?

An HDMI splitter allows multiple HDMI sources to share a HD display. These are needed when you need to split a signal with gaming devices, DVD players, and other entertainment devices.

Does a bi-directional cable splitter improve signal quality to a tv?

Cable splitters, joiners, adapters and similar products will never improve signal quality.

How do you split comcast cable from 1 tv to another?

You use an RF signal splitter - about $4.00 at big lots.

Why are there Two different outputs on a 3-way signal splitter?

Yes, on a RF splitter there are 2 outputs and 1 input, for certain applications, it can be used in reverse to combine 2 inputs into 1 output!

What is a computer monitor splitter cable used for?

A computer monitor splitter cable is used to send video signal from one monitor to a second monitor. This may be helpful when making presentations to meetings or for demonstrations in classrooms.

Can you split satellite tv input leads?

Yes. You will be needing a signal splitter to attach your satellite receiver to your television sets.

How do you split cable internet to get cable television in your home?

Just use a 2-way coax cable splitter available at any Radio Shack. You have to make a split off the main line to your home for the internet first - use a 2-way splitter for this. Then you can split the other path to your TVs with a multi-way splitter, but make sure to only use a 2-way splitter on your cable modem. You can splitt cable to get tv signal only if your provider has No Hypass(block the TV signal). Try connecting the TV to the end of the cable; if it works then only split with high frequency splitter, at least 1Ghz.

How do i get the hd channels to come in when i split the cable to two tv's?

If the antenna cable is connected to a splitter the signal drops 50% to each TV. This might be too low for the TVs to work. The solution would be to use a powered splitter instead of a passive one. This type will produce a full power signal at each output.

How do you use a splitter to watch cable on two televisions?

You need a TV signal splitter. They're cheap and available just about everywhere, like Walmart, K-Mart, electronics stores. Just split the `antenna out' connection from the cable box. You'll also need a couple more signal wires (coaxial cables) otherwise you'll be two wires short of having what you need. One from the cable box to the splitter and then one for each TV.

Why can one get channels 1-1000 through a DVR in one room but when hooking up a second TV directly to the wall jack in another room there is only static past channel 100?

If you used a signal splitter or amplifier/splitter, chances are it doesn't have the band pass characteristics you need to pass along the frequencies you need to make it work properly. Even the cable type (RG-59 vs. RG-6) can have an effect on the signal.

Where can you buy a audio and video splitter?

an RCA splitter can be purchased at your local TV store or music store. If you want to drive several TV's with one signal, you will need a video distribution amplifier, available at electronic stores and sites like Monoprice.

Directv single LNB antenna you have 2 receivers with different accounts you would like to hook them both to a splitter so that you could choose which one would control the satellite?

You don't control the satellite by the receiver in your home. The satellite is controlled by a the satellite operator which sends telemetry commands up to the satellite using a large dish antenna. I think what you mean is: how can I use both receivers with a single LNB? What you need is a splitter that will take the signal from the LNB and give two outputs to feed into the receiver boxes. That is a 1 to 2 way splitter. I can talk to you from a technical perspective as I am a qualified Electronics Engineer, but you will need to locate a splitter device yourself. If you use what is known as a passive splitter, this does not require any power. But, what it does, is to take the single, and divide it into two signals, this wil reduce the signal strength going to each receiver by half. This might be a problem. The RF signals are quite weak, and the question is, can your receivers accommodate a signal that is half the strength it was before. There can also be interference generated as you watch one channel on one receiver and another channel on the second receiver. Ideally, what you need is an active splitter, or distribution amplifier. An active splitter, or distribution amplifier will take the signal from the LNB, split it and amplify it so that the strength of the signal being fed to the outputs remains the same as the signal coming into the input from the LNB. These are readily available for terrestrial television and you should be able to find them for the much higher frequency satellite signals. The signal coming down from the LNB is often referred to as IF for Intermediate Frequency. The very high frequency signal being received by the dish antenna is difficult to transmit over any length down a cable, so what they do is convert the frequency down to a much lower frequency which is easier to handle and distribute down a cable, this is the IF signal. So what you should be looking for is an IF Distribution amplifier , or IF active splitter. As the unit has to amplfy the signal, it will require a power source. It is good practice to place the active splitter/distribution amplifier close to the LNB to reduce the length of cable from the LNB to the distribution amplifier which will prevent the signal degrading too much. A very detailed explanation with a lot of techical terminology, but hopefully this will set you on your way to locating the type of splitter/distribution amplifier you need.