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Car dealers cannot issue arrest warrants only judges can do that. If there is an arrest warrant then you have broken some kind of law and the dealer has petitioned a judge or filed criminal charges and the police or marshalls office will carry out the warrant.

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What is the document that gives the rights to arrest or search and seizure?


What rights does a suspect have if there is a warrant for his arrest?

He is a fleeing fugitive - None, except the right to be read his Miranda warning when he is eventually captured.

What is quashing violation warrant?

It means that a court threw out the violation warrant as being invalid or against your rights. Many times, courts make a mistake by not processing paperwork fast enough and then realize all the requirements were met after issuing an arrest warrant. This means the judge would have to void the violation warrant.

Does a non Indian have repossession rights on the reservation?


Can police interfere in a repossession because police in blue springs Missouri forced me to disclose third party information as they threatened to arrest me for knocking on the address of a debtor?

Police can investigate if a repossession is being legally accomplished. You cannot harass someone to collect a debt. They are in their rights to investigate.

Who is the territory rights - A dealer or distributor?

dealer dealer

I was arrested in independence county in Arkansas for credit card debt was my rights violated?

Being in debt is not a crime in the US, there's no probable cause for arrest on those grounds. Unless there is more to it (a warrant was out for your arrest due to a related issue, credit card fraud, non-repayment despite a court order) then it does look like your rights were violated.

When are police required to read you rights?

they have to read your rights before they arrest you.

What are your rights in the State of Georgia in regards to car repossession?

Your son was questioned for an investigation over 15 months ago and arrested last night on a warrant over 1 year old he has never had his rights read to him so Where do you stand?

Contact an attorney. Whether or not he was given his rights isn't material to the warrant or arrest. A person needs to be advised of their right before any custodial interrogation or any statements (and their fruit) may be excluded from court. If it was 15 months between the investigatory interview and the arrest then the original interview was probably not a 'custodial interrogation.'

Is it a violation if the police have an arrest warrant and ask you questions without Miranda then arrest you?

When the police must read you your Miranda rights is murky at best. They must read them at some point before your custodial interrogation. That is, after they arrest you but before they ask you any questions pertaining to the crime you are suspected of. If you are arrested, the best option is not answer any questions without an attorney. When they ask you if you understand your rights, say no. When they ask you what part you don't understand, say you don't understand any of them. After that, clam up.

When arrested for possession of marijuana does the police officer have to read the Miranda rights to the arrested individual?

No, Miranda Rights do not have to be read during any arrest. Miranda Rights are required prior to an interrogation but have nothing to do with an arrest.

What are the guidelines given to the police regarding arrest?

the rights are

If your car was hit and damaged during repossession what rights do you have?

CALL a local attorney NOW.

When is a person under arrest?

A person is "under arrest" when a police officer charges them with a crime and chooses to take them to the police station to be processed for it. For example, if someone commits a crime, they are technically under arrest when a police officer witnesses the crime or has a warrant for the arrest and tells the criminal "You are under arrest." Typical procedure after this is to put handcuffs on the criminal and read them their Miranda rights (you have the right to remain silent etc). Handcuffs alone do not mean arrest, but i'm pretty sure its illegal for a police officer to handcuff someone without grounds to arrest them. As a side note, the person doing the arrest does not have to be a sworn in police officer. In Citizen's arrest cases, anyone with arresting powers like a bounty hunter can also place someone under arrest.

Why is it important for police to read your rights before an arrest?

They are not required to read you your Miranda Rights BEFORE arrest, only AFTER arrest. #1 - It's the law that they do it and, #2 - it advises and/or reminds people of their right, if they choose to exercise it, not to answer questions that may tend to incriminate them.

Why must you have a search warrant?

to protect privacy rights that are guaranteed in the constitution

What is the purpose of a search warrant?

In the Bill of Rights the fourth amendment says the government must have a warrant and probable cause to search and/or seizure of your property.

Can you vote if you have a warrant?

Yes, you can vote if you have a warrant because you haven't been convicted of a crime. When you are found guilty of a felon, your voting rights will be restricted.

What must police do at the time of the arrest?

In most cases the officer will inform you of the reason for your arrest and take you in to custody for booking. You may or may not be advised of your Miranda Rights at arrest but should be advised before your are questioned after arrest.

What steps do the police take against someone who was reported for cruelty to animals?

animals do have rights, contrary to your saying, santaman, and animal control officers do take steps to arrest someone who has commited a cruel act on an animal. From what ive seen, though, they just knock on their door with a warrant and arrest them.Sorry i couldn't give you a more comprehensive answer, but someone had to delete santaman's answer...

What is a good slogan for the writs of assistance?

" you got the warrant, but ive got the rights"

Do'es a police officer have to read you your rights when he arrest you?

Yes, always.

What was Rosa Parks' arrest led to?

The Civil Rights Movement.

What are my rights for auto reposession in Colorado?

The car company generally has to give you notice before going through with a repossession. Also, they should give you the opportunity to pay the outstanding bill before resorting to a repossession.