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Not necessarily. More than likely, the car will be transported to the state the lender is in unless they make other arrangments. Contact the lender. Just to add, it maybe transported out of state to be auctioned and from the auction it could wind up anywhere.It could be auctioned in state and still wind up out of state.

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Q: Does the car stay in the same state it was taken from?
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Can a cosigned car be taken out of state of Washington?

yes it can

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How long does a car accident stay on your insurance in the state of California?

5 years.

What happens when a car is repossessed in the state of Georgia?

The car gets taken to the impound lot, and you have to file paperwork and pay a certain amount of money to get your car back.

What will you have to pay for a traffic ticket for not maintaining your car in the same lane?

It varies from state to state.

Can you buy a car in another state and have it insured in that other state on the same insurance company you have in your home state?


Can the company keep your license plate after they repossess your vehicle?

Only if the tags stay with the car in that state.

How much money in gas to drive from New York NY to Portland OR?

There are too many factors at issue to answer this question. The route taken, the type of car used, the speed that the car is driven, and the price of gas in each state ( it is not the same across the country).

Can you buy a new car from a dealer like Honda in one state and pick it up in another state from a dealer of the same car company?

Yes, it is possible to buy a car from a dealer in one state and pick it up in another state from a dealer of the same car company. Although this transaction might be unusual, it is possible. Shipping charges might apply depending on the situation.

Your car title and car insurance have to be in the same state?

no yo can use the internet to find the best deal from any insurance company that is licensed to insure in your state.

Do you have to return a leased car to the same state and same dealer?

That would depend on what it says in your lease agreement.

When a junked car is crushed into a compact cube does its mass change?

Answer: No. the mass would stay the same. there is nothing being added or taken away from the weight. the density of the car will change obviously. You could look at it like this, which weighs more, a hundred pounds of feathers, or a hundred pounds of bowling balls. each weighs the same, its just the volume that is different Answer: There can only be a change in mass if mass is added from the outside, or taken away (to the outside).

What would cause your 2001 olds alero parking lights stay on?

the car needs to be taken to the junkyard as it is total garbage and should not be on the road

How much is car insurance for sixteen year old girl?

Depends on your state and if you have taken a drivers ed class.

The mileage and the clock do not diasappear when the car is off and locked. do they stay on all the time?

I have a VW Jetta and mine does the same thing and yeah they stay on all the time.

Is leasing a car in California the same as leasing a car in Florida?

In every state, there are different terms in the lease agreements. Between car dealers, there are also different terms. Overall, in general, it will be the same process.

When you do a drift do you have to stay in the same gear?

if u are in a high gear no shift down because if u stay in the same high gear u will loose rpm as the car skids sideways causing a shorter drift.

What happens to your license if you get pulled over in the state of Florida with a businesses purposes only license as a minor?

You will be handcuffed, put into the back of the police car and taken to jail. This assumes you are not driving to or from work. This is the same as driving without a license.

In the state of Ohio can a person be arrested for not surrendering a car that was discharged in bankruptcy immediately?

You cannot be arrested for not surrendering a car. Make arrangements for the creditor to retrieve the car. If not, the creditor can repossess the car because the discharge terminated the automatic stay.

Is it more safe to stay in a car or outside during a lightning storm?

Stay inside the car

My car can stay here or not?

Most definitely!

How can you buy a car from a relative in Illinois?

The state laws governing buying a car from a relative in the state of Illinois is the same for a relative as with any other person. Contact the Department of Motor Vehicles for exact instructions to legally purchase the car.

If two people are on the same policy and one borrows the other's car and causes damage whose portion of the insurance is affected?

I guess it depends on the state, but in most cases if both people are named insured on the auto policy, the insurance would stay with the car. Both the liability and the physical damage.

How many days will State Farm cover auto insurance if you trade old car under state farm policy to a new car?

Most SF policies will extend coverage on the new car for 14 days. It may vary if a state has prescribed a different time frame. But normally you will get the exact same coverage as you had on the last car on the replacement car for 14 days.

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