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Yes, the cell phone cover for the Motorola RAZR comes in an array of patterns and colors.

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What colors can a wolf have?

Brown,Gray,Black and its some other colors

What colors are carrier pigeons?

black and white although some have other colors

Is black a warm color?

No, but black absorbs heat better then other colors. red, orange, and yellow are warm colors.

What colors do Fresian horses have?

They are only black. If they have any other colors on them they cannot be registered.

How many colors are there for an orca whale?

Orcas are black and white only, no other colors.

What colors go with black?

black is the color you can match with mostly other color

Do black shingles hold in more heat in the attic than other colors?

Black shingles do hold in more heat in the attic than other colors. This is because black attracts more sunlight.

What colors can nintindo ds be?

Blue, Pink, Black, Red and some other colors maybe.

What does the colors on the jumper cables stand for?

Usually black is negative(-) and red is positive(+). Always black is negative if there are other colors than red.

What color is obesidian?

Normally black but can contain white and other colors. But mostly black.

Basic coat colors of the horse?

There are only two basic horse colors - black and chestnut. All other colors are derived from these two colors.

Does this come in other colors?

No, the Troy VTX Neoprene / Vinyl Dumbbell Rack does not come in any other colors than black.

What is the probability that you will not spin a black?

it depends on how many other colors there are.

What are the colors of the south Korean flag?

black, white, red, and blueThe South Korean flag colors include the white background. The other colors on the flag are red, blue, and black.

Is black a shade of yellow?

no, black, grey, and white are not truly classified as colors. blue, red, and yellow are the primary colors, and all other colors are simply combinations of the primary ones.

How are the primary colors of mixed to to produce other colors?

The are only one color and that is black put together

What color of the spectrum does a black road reflect?

All other colors reflect except black!

Why are the taxis in London black?

Traditionally, they're black but they don't have to be. Some are painted in other colors.

Are tortoiseshell cats and calico cats the same thing?

No. Tortoiseshell is mainly black with other colors. Calico is mainly white with other colors.

Explain why something is black?

When light is absorbed by an object, it absorbs all colors besides black, which is able to be reflected showing off black. same with other colors --Kal-El

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