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I was waiting for somone to ask that. Glad you did, and yes it does. My grandpa told me all about it back when i was young. I think he said someth9ing about somone trying to cover it up. Probably a dum ol' scientist.

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โˆ™ 2007-05-14 19:04:00
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Q: Does the clash of civilization really exist?
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Was the harappan civilization largely legendary?

No, the Harappan or Indus valley civilization really did exist in India and Pakistan from 3300 BC to 1900 BC.

Did Apollo exist before the clash of Zeus and Typhon?

Yes he did.

Was sumer the 1st civilization?

Yes, it was the very first civilization to exist!

What are level 15 walls in clash of clans?

Level 15 walls do not exist in Clash of Clans, although they might in a future update.

Where did the Inca civilization exist?

on coconut

When did the Minoan civilization exist?

The Minoan civilization existed from 3650 to 1400 BCE.

When did the Egyptian civilization exist?

3000BC to 2500BC

Why did the inca civilization cease to exist?

The Incan civilization ceased to exist mainly in part because of the domination of the Incans by the Spaniards. The Incan empire was conquered in 1572.

When did the Olmec civilization exist?

in the 2000's ad

When did the harappan civilization exist?

3000-1500 b.C.

How long did Mesopotamia civilization exist?

Thousands of years.

How long did Mesopotamian civilization exist?

Thousands of years

How long did the Minoan civilization exist?

1500 years

From when to when did the Indus civilization exist?

From 3000-1500 B.C :)

When did the civilization of ancient Egypt exist?

About 3150 B.C

When did the Viking's civilization exist?

They lived from 700CE to 1100CE.

What river valley did the Nubian civilization exist on?


In which modern countries did the Aztec civilization exist?


When did Mayan civilization exist?

7000bc years ago

Where did the Mycenaean civilization exist?

Southern Greece, particularly the city of Mycenae. See also Aegean Civilization.

Can civilization clash?

Of course yes! In terms of long suffers or anarchy, the sound of sweetly civilization will yield and it's opposite (The Barbarisms) will rise sharply. Civilization is a matter of thought and thought is a matter of peace atmospheres.Siam

Why do mermaids exist?

They do not really exist.

When did the Aztec civilization exist?

They Existed around 1200 A.D.

What time period did the Aztec civilization exist?


How long did the Inca civilization exist?

1438-1532 a.d it impacted the people by not living and not having a civilization anymore