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Does the color blue have any meaning in japan?

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In history it's the color of crime.

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Is blue an unlucky color in Japan?

No. Probably there isn't any unlucky colour in Japan.

Blue and what color make red?

Red is a primary color, meaning it cannot be created with a combination of any other color.

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-forget me not -gerber daisys -not many flowers are the color blue):

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The color black makes blue darker. Infact it makes any color darker.

Orange plus what color makes blue?

blue is a primary color which means it cant be made from any other color

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Any color on the blue side of the color wheel is considered a cool color. This includes blue, cyan, indigo, sky blue, and turquoise.

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Any color that is NOT in the color groups of red, yellow, or blue.

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they can be almost any color non like blue or red

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There is no color that makes blue. Blue is a primary color which means it cannot be mixed by any other colors. Red, Blue, and Yellow are primary colors. hope this helps!! :)

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Some of them do

What color you can add with sky blue and white?


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the ocean water is blue and there is more water than land and the color for the land is green

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