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Does the confidentiality law re minors with stds OR PREGNANCY only apply to health care providers?


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May 15, 2015 10:24PM

Only health care providers have a "duty" to their patients. If your neighbor finds out you are pregnant, he can tell whoever he wants. If your mom tells your aunt who tells her hairdresser who then blabs it at church, you have no protection--there is no law against gossiping. But no health care provider can gossip about you by name. An R.N. can legally say, "I treated a 14 year old girl today. She has AIDS and is pregnant. I think I know who got her pregnant--some idiot who refuses to use a condom and he's impregnated three other girls!" She did not identify you. But a hospital employee cannot sneak to read your chart then use your name and put it on Facebook that you got pregnant or had an abortion.

Note: I used examples of females. But underage males also have confidentiality protections.