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yes, as co-signer you only guarantee the loan in case the primary defaults, they own the car.

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Can a cosigner come and take your vehicle for personal reason?

The cosigner is not able to come and obtain your vehicle for personal reasons or any other reason. A cosigner is not claiming ownership of your vehicle, they are simply vouching for your credibility and agreeing that if payments aren't made that they will uphold the responsibility.?æ

If the cosigner is refusing to refinance or pay the auto loan off how could the primary person on the auto loan remove his or her name?

They would need to have the vehicle refinanced in their name only or obtain another cosigner for the refinancing.

How do you get a title to a car without sellers signature?

can i obtain a abandon vehicle in California left over a year

What rights does a cosigner have to gain possession of the vehicle if his name is on the title in west Virginia?

Equal rights of the signer. You may need to obtain an order from a court to do so.

What type of insurance should a cosigner obtain on a car?

The insurance reuire by your lender.

Is it possible to obtain a student loan without a cosigner?

It is possible to obtain a Student Loan without a Cosigner if you apply through a Government Loan Program. One such Program is the Stafford Loans. You do not need an Income or Credit History to receive a loan.

When a cosigner is needed to obtain an auto loan do he need to be on the title?

I am able to take a loan out against my vehicle and have a co-signer and was told by the bank that this does not mean that my co-signer can have my vehicle nor their name on the title but just that they get to repay the loan if I do not. I hope this leads you in some direction.

Where can you obtain a medallion signature guaranteee?

At the bank.

Where can you obtain information on electronic signature?

Electronic signature are meant to indicate a person's consent to a specific electronic content. There are numerous online resources one can use to obtain additional information and software like Adobe that supports electronic signature.

Can a student get a private loan without credit or a cosigner?

It is very hard to obtain a private loan without credit or a co-signer. If you have collateral such as a vehicle/boat, then you may be able to obtain a secured loan from a credit union. Try building credit with a secured card or a student visa with a low limit before attempting to get a loan.

What are the rights of borrowers when the cosigner is considering a lawsuit to force them to take a second mortgage so the cosigner can recover money paid because the mortgage was defaulted on?

The cosigner has the right to file a lawsuit against the primary borrower's to recover his or her financial losses due to the defaulted lending agreement. The procurement of a second mortgage does not seem viable if the primary borrower's credit was not originally sufficient for them to obtain the loan without the need of a cosigner. It is more likely the house will have to be forfeited by means of foreclosure and the cosigner will have to try to recover losses by other means. The primary borrower's best choice is to obtain legal advice as to what their options are before a lawsuit is filed against them.

How can you obtain a student loan without a cosigner?

You can get a federal loan also known as Stanford loan, as it isn't based on your credit history it doesn't need a cosigner. Private loans also don't need credit history and other stuff.

Must the lender notify the cosigner of intent to collect on a default?

The cosigner was probably "notified" that any funds held by the lender would be attached at the time the loan was signed. In order to garnish wages or place a lien on other property, the lender would have to go to court and obtain a judgment, in which case the cosigner would have received a summons from the court.

Can you get divorce without your wife signature in the state of Nevada?

By default if all attempts have been taken to obtain it.

At what age can you legally obtain a marriage certificate?

i believe it's 18 on your own and anytime with your parents signature

Who may obtain a patients signature on a consent form?

The person who is explains the procedure and obtains informed consent.

How do you obtain title with no vin?

Every vehicle has a VIN attached somewhere to it ... the engine block, in the top of the dashboard, in a door pillar. If the VIN has been removed from a vehicle, chances are that is stolen property and should be avoided like the plague. If you are trying to obtain the title without the vehicle and don't have the VIN this just doesn't make sense. What is meant here is that if a person bought a vehicle and wants to get a new title issued, then they most likely have the vehicle and can obtain it easily.

Can you make a cosinger's agreement in which you obtain ownership if the other party misses his payment?

That's what they do at the bank, if the main person does not make the payments the cosigner is responsible to take it over.

When do legendary pokemon learn their signature move?

Normally, Legendary Pokemon already have learn their signature move when first caught during gameplay or obtain through an official Nintendo event. Their levels greatly vary on when they learn their signature move and some do not even have a signature move like Mew and Mewtwo. (Unless you count Psychic as their signature move.)

How do you obtain a Pennsylvania Vehicle Repossession License?

you have to get a speeding ticket in Pennsylvania

What is required to obtain an administrative search of occupants of a vehicle?

due cause

How do you obtain vehicle speed from a cars computer?

hand held scanner accessing the vehicle speed sensor data stream

Can you send totaled car title to insurance company with no buyer signature?

You could obtain a duplicate title from the DMV.

What responsibility does a cosigner have if the borrower AND the cosigner cannot pay a bail bonds loan?

The creditor can take the matter to court, obtain a judgment lien and take any property either party owns.The creditor can take the matter to court, obtain a judgment lien and take any property either party owns.The creditor can take the matter to court, obtain a judgment lien and take any property either party owns.The creditor can take the matter to court, obtain a judgment lien and take any property either party owns.

How do you obtain a vehicle title in your name if the owner of the vehicle has lost the title?

The owner of the vehicle needs to call the DMV and pay for and order a new copy of the title to turn over to you.