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Nobody is for sure. I'm sure if we study The Bible real hard we might have ideas, but not conclusions.

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What is the duration of Let the Devil Wear Black?

The duration of Let the Devil Wear Black is 1.48 hours.

Does the devil wear pink?

yes he does

What can you be for Halloween wearing a red dress?

devil devil zoombie devil/angel if u wear white 2

What colour is the Tasmanian devil?

The Tasmanian devil is almost all black. It has black fur with a white streak across the chest.

What was the name of the horse in the black stallion?

Black and Shetan (Devil)

Is black eyes peas a devil?


Are black people from the devil?

Absolutly not!!!!!

Is magic for the devil?

no it is not but the black magic is.

Are Black Veil Brides devil worshipers?

The band Black Veil Brides are not devil worshipers. The lead singer has confirmed that he is an Atheist, but he has stated that they do not worship the devil, or anyone (God or Christ Jesus).

Is the devil black man?

A:Racists can come up with all kinds of associations between black people and the devil. Why not? after all we portray the devil as black, the same colour as black people. But there the similarities must end. Eighteenth century critics said that when we speak of the devil or demons, we merely reflect the superstitions of our time. To that wisdom we can add the prejudices of our time.

What number did Wade Boggs wear with the Devil Rays?

Wade Boggs wore number 12 with the Devil Rays.

Was black beard a devil from hell?

No. He was a man

What color is a baby Tasmanian Devil?

they are black

Do black eyed peas worship the devil?


In The Devil and Tom Walker What signature does the devil leave with Tom Walker?

a black mark on the forehead

What colors Can the Tasmanian Devil have?

The Tasmanian devil is predominantly black, with a white stripe across its chest.

Who would win black panther vs dare devil?

Defiantly the black panther! There id no such thing as a dare devil....except in your minds. (No offence)

Who are the actresses the devil wears nada?

wear nada or prada?

Does Selena Gomez like to wear black?

yes, she does wear black

Why does Rihanna always wear black?

She doesn't always wear black

Can you wear a black suit and black tie to a Black tie dinner?

no you have to wear green or orange

What can you wear for a sixth grade costume party?

Devil red skirt black tank top red half jacket horns and curl your hair red lipstick mascara

How do you dress your agent?

1.Basically wear a black shirt.2.Wear a black over coat to have a professional look.3.Wear a pants of black.4.Wear a Gucci sunglasses.5.Wear black shoes for men and black high heelsfor woman.

Why do Mime artist wear a hat?

they wear white and black face paint and black trousers. They also wear white and black stripy tops with a black hat.

Where to buy black devil cigarettes in Malaysia?

place that I only know in Malaysia to find Black Devil cigarettes is at Pulau is a very nice cigar...