Does the dingo have a predator?


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The main "predator" of the dingo is man, although man, of course, does not hunt the dingo except where the dingo threatens stock. There are no other natural predators of the dingo.

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The role, or niche, or the Dingo is to be a predator.

The dingo practically only has one predator, which is man.

The dingo has only one predator, which is man.Note:Dingoes have no predators, animal or otherwise. Man is not considered a predator, as he does not kill the dingo for the purpose of eating it. Man is, however, a very great threat to the dingo.

The predator of the frilled neck lizard is a dingo

As an apex predator, by definition, yes.

the dingo is its main predator.

The scientific name for the Australian dingo is Canis lupus dingo. Dingo's are free-ranging predator dogs that are a subspecies of the grey wolf.

Hungry dingo, Baby or injured Emu, Lunch. The adult Emu is a fast runner, so it would not be prey-of-choice for a dingo.

the major mitchels cockatoo is a predator for small insects but it is also prey for a dingo and for feral cats and foxes

The dingo is a carnivore living on smaller animals, hoping to pick up trails of injured fauna. The dingo, and foxes attack many new born lambs and calves on isolated farms.

The dingo has no natural native predators. Man has become a predator of the dingo, setting dingo traps to keep this animal away from stock. Wild, feral dogs are a threat to the native dingo also, but much inter-breeding goes on between wild dogs and true dingoes.

The Eastern Grey kangaroo is not a predator of anything. It is the prey of very few animals, the dingo being one.

The dingo is the top predator in Australia, so it's only enemies would be man.

Dingos have no natural predators, as they are Australia's top and only land-based predator, though, the dingo does have prey that can fight back, kangaroos, etc. The dingo's only "predator" is people.

Donna Dingo is a dingo that helps deaf people.

There is not a specific name for a male dingo. A dingo is called a dingo no matter if they are male or female.

The natural, native predator of an adult koala is the dingo. Young koalas are often taken by birds of prey, quolls and even goannas.

The mother dingo raises the pups.

The Dingo is a resturant.

It is an Australian Dingo.

A dingo is a type of dog so, dogs are vertebrates , a dingo is a vertebrate.

The dingo is a wolf - Canis lupus dingo.

Apart from human intrusion into their environment, their only natural predator is the dingo, but introduced species like dogs, cats and foxes can also hunt them for food.

The natural, native predator of an adult koala is the dingo. Young koalas are often taken by birds of prey, quolls and even goannas.

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