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Yes the ual wan load balancer can be a good alternative. Each application is unique consult an IT professional.

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2010-02-25 15:32:57
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Q: Does the dual wan load balancer serve as an alternative to BGP (Border Gateway Protocol) ?
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What is BGP Border Gateway Protocol?

border gateway protocol is a interdomain protocol which works on path vector routing .

What type of protocol used in WAN?

Bgp(border gateway protocol)

What is a distance-vector routing protocol suited to WAN's?

Border Gateway Protocol.

What routing protocol is used on the Internet's backbone?

Border Gateway Protocol (BGP)

What is the most commonly used exterior routing protocol?

BGP which stands for Border Gateway Protocol

Which routing protocol is used on the Internet backbone?

Border Gateway Protocol(BGP)Sose21 Blaq RoseOSPF

Which routing protocols are used on the Internet backbone?

BSP (Border Gateway Protocol) A complex routing protocol used on border and exterior routers. BGP is the routing protocol used on Internet Backbones.

Exterior routing protocol example?

BGP border gateway protocol is the most commoly use exterior gateway protocol. EGP are used by ISP's and are being routed from a private network to the internet and to its destination private network.

How do you configure border gateway protocol?

to exchange network reachability changes with other bgp systems

What is the most commonly used exterior routing proticol?


What routing protocol can exchange information with routers on other service providers networks?

BGP (Border Gateway Protocol) is the most widely used protocol between different ASCaps-lock

What is the difference between bgp and ospf?

BGP is Border Gateway Protocol and OSPF is Open Shortest Path First.

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