Does the enamel of your teeth get hurt with whitening?

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It depends on what type of method you're using to whiten your teeth. I'm assuming you're using a do-it yourself type of kit. With most, there is a chance the enamel could be damaged, but I would say that is very slim (as long as you take care of your teeth). Follow all directions properly and if you're not sure you can do it yourself, visit your dentist and discuss whitening options.
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How do you whiten your teeth?

If you're teeth are already stained then you can buy tooth whitening kits or pay to have your teeth whitened professionally. To keep your teeth white there are a number of things you can do including not smoking, brushing regularly and avoiding foods with colourings. It is also a good idea to rin ( Full Answer )

How do you whiten teeth naturally?

Video: How do you whiten teeth naturally? . Everyone desires shiny, white teeth, but bleaching and whitening procedures can be very expensive. Fortunately there are at-home remedies for getting those pearly whites you want. Strawberry pulp: Even though they are bright white, the malic ac ( Full Answer )

What is Teeth whitening facts?

Teeth whitening options are not available to everyindividual, depending on dental health, as well as overall medicalhealth. Teeth whitening procedures produce varying resultsdepending on the type of procedure and expertise of those applyinggels, strips, and trays, all common methods of teeth whiten ( Full Answer )

Does baking soda whiten teeth?

yes,bakeing soda does help whiten your teeth,actually,it bleaches your teeth to make them seem white and healthy,but i would stick to tooth paste and a tooth brrush.that's just my opinion.:)

Do limes really whiten your teeth?

\nLimes can actually wear down your enamel over time, but this is usually how whitening works, by wearing down the outside layers that are stained. I recommend a bleaching treatment at the dentist's instead.

What is the mineral that strengthens the enamel of teeth?

There are several vitamins and minerals that ultimately contribute to bone and tooth formation and preservation however the ones that help the process of strengthening the enamel are calcium , phosphorus and vitamin D .

Can teeth cleaning harm the enamel?

If the cleaning is performed by a licensed and competent dental professional, there will be no noticeable damage to the enamel, provided there is no pre-existing decay, erosions, or fractures. If it has been a very long time since you had your teeth cleaned, you may experience some sensitivity fo ( Full Answer )

What is the same as your teeth enamel?

Hi I'm a dental hygienist so I can answer this for you!! The Enamel on your teeth is the hardest substance in your whole entire body; yes it is even harder than bone!! So the closest thing in your body to enamel is bone but it is much harder and stronger!

What is a enamel in your teeth?

Enamel is what makes your teeth thick. If you teeth looks transparent on the bottom then your enamel level there is low. Enamel is eaten away by acid found in fruit. Once you lose your enamel it is gone forever. To protect you teeth from acid then use a specialized tooth paste to protect you teeth

Can you fix enamel on teeth?

Once you lose enamel, it's gone forever. Dentists recommend that you use ProNamel toothpaste. :D

Are teeth whitening products safe for teeth?

Yes. Whitening stripes, mouth wash, and toothpaste safe for your teeth. The only thing is: Don't swallow any part of the product. You can get sick from it. So after you use the product, wait about a minute and then rinse your mouth out with water.

Why do teeth whitening strips hurt?

The reason you feel hurt when you use teeth whitening strips maybebecause you have sensitive teeth. In other words, the chemicaloveract in your gum and that's the reason why you feel hurt!

How Does The Dentist Whiten Teeth?

When you are looking at the dental procedures, you will find that your dentist will use a rubber shield and protective gel to guard the soft tissues of your mouth. Then a plastic tray that has a bleaching substance like carbamide peroxide is going to be fitted into your mouth to do its work. You m ( Full Answer )

What is in peroxide that whitens teeth?

Peroxide is a type of bleach--it is the peroxide itself that whitens. Does so chemically. Though it is good for whitening, it's bad for enamel. Also, it's very bad to swallow.

How do you whiten yellow teeth at home?

you can whiten yellow teeth at home by brushing your teeth more than twice a day,and you can direct apply a Hydrogen peroxide mixed with water in to your teeth.Please be careful when applying,this may can cause damage to your gums.

How much is for teeth whitening?

From what country are you? Dentists providing teeth whiteningprocedures in Mexico range around $350, while in Thailand,immediate benefits of dental office provided teeth whiteningprocedures cost around $300. In India, the cost may range between$400 and $500. In the United States, teeth whitening pro ( Full Answer )

Does laser teeth whitening damage teeth?

It can sometimes make teeth sensitive. It depends! Laser tooth whitening is available in most dentaloffices and provides the best, and most immediate, results. Thistechnique combines processes of bleaching gels and laser lighttherapy to enhance the appearance and color of teeth and should bemonitor ( Full Answer )

Is teeth whitening bad for your teeth?

No... You can get your teeth professionally whitened by contactingprofessional dentist. Properly done, teeth whitening can make adifference by removing the unsightly stains and discoloration.Common cause of teeth colour re aging, smoking, the consumption ofcoffee, red wine and certain fruits and veg ( Full Answer )

Can you brush the enamel off your teeth?

Yes you can it is called brush abrasion, the nylon bristle's of the tooth brush will saw your tooth in half at the gum line. Brush your teeth in a circular motion angling the bristles down towards the neck of the tooth half on gum, half on tooth and gently brush.

Is peroxide teeth whitening?

Yes it does, the more specific peroxide name is carbamide peroxide. You can find out more here in the related link.

Can you use polident to whiten teeth?

Yes. But be very careful not to over do it. It can strip the enamel off your teeth, and make them very sensitive. My aunt has been doing it for years.

What is the effect of soda on teeth enamel?

The pH ranges from 2.47-3.35 and our mouths about 6.2 to 7.0. At a PH of 5.2 to 5.5 or below the acid begins to dissolve the hard enamel of our teeth. Phosphoric and citric acids are found in soda

What helps whiten teeth?

Staying away from coffee, not smoking, brushing your teeth well (basic good dental health). Also, you can buy different types of teeth whiteners, some of which are just easy strips you wear for a half hour a day.

What will teeth whitening not do?

Furthermore, bleaching will not change the color of tooth-colored fillings, dentures, crowns, porcelain restorations, bonding, or other material used to restore or replace a tooth.

Why do people want to whiten their teeth?

People feel that their teeth are strange colors and or embarrassing . Some people don't wear white because their shirt will be brighter then their teeth. Kids see celebs with white white white teeth , and theirs are gray-ish. So the feel worried about their teeth . Luckily , you can whiten them with ( Full Answer )

Does chewing gum whiten your teeth?

yep it does.some brand can't really whiten your teeth.the chewing gum that really whitens your teeth is Extra spearmint two of Extra gum after eating does whiten your teeth if you brush it too with Colgate toothpaste.

What do soft drinks do to the enamel on your teeth?

Some ingredients in soda are pretty horrible for your teeth. With time they can do some damage to your enamel, which can not be restored, making your teeth sensitive and also YELLOW.

What is teeth whitening?

Teeth whitening is the process of using bleach or other materials to make teeth look whiter. The materials remove stains or other discoloration from the tooth surface.

What is a teeth whitening kit?

A teeth whitening kit, like the one I use by Power Swabs, containsa bunch of maintenance swabs, white swabs, stain-out swabs, a mouthwash and a toothpaste. Together they help whiten your teeth,without having to visit a dentist and without any procedural teethsensitivity.

Will smoking after teeth whitening stain teeth?

Of course, whitening them will help some but it is still pointless. ANSWER Yes it does and it is more prone to stain because your teeth arefresh from whitening treatment. Another cause or may trigger stainin your teeth is drinking alcohol/coffee or bad eating habits.

Does sodium bicarbonate whiten teeth?

No- in the UK we use hydrogen peroxide (bleach), bicarbonate won't do anything other than taste horrible and damage your teeth.

What are the cons on laser teeth whitening?

While having white teeth is wonderful there are a few side effects to consider before going under the light. Cons of laser teeth whitening include gum problems such as bleeding. More commonly patients expierience increased sensitivity.

Does laser teeth whitening hurt?

No, although people quite often seem to associate lasers with pain, a laser teeth whitening process is completely harmless and is often no where near as frightening as people may think.

Is it bad for your teeth to get laser whitening?

Laser whitening isn't necessarily bad for your teeth, but it may be bad for you budget. There are no studies that have proven that expensive laser whitening works any better than whitening trays you can purchase at the store. That said, laser whitening is the safest dental treatment, with the most c ( Full Answer )

What are the dangers of teeth whitening?

teeth whitening might cause your teeth brittle or like chalk. ifyou want you teeth whiter use baking soda. some teeth whitener cancause cold soar or stomatitis. ANSWER All of those teeth whitening products even the homemade or naturalwhitening remedies may has danger when used inappropriately.Over ( Full Answer )

What is the teeth whitening price?

It all depends on what brand you get or if you get themprofessionally done. Over the counter can be bought as little as 30dollars, professional whitening can run you one thousand. Answer Teeth whitening procedures are not covered under most dentalinsurance plans and may range from $20-$55 for low- ( Full Answer )

Is dental teeth whitening safe?

If done correctly, teeth whitening is perfectly safe. Be aware that whitening can increase sensitivity of the teeth, so make sure that your teeth are healthy enough for the whitening procedure.

How do you restore teeth enamel?

Well there are toothpaste and mouthwash that say they help restore tooth enamel. But you can also take calcium pills that can help make strengthen your teeth. But depending on the severity, your dentist can prescribe you a new toothpaste that is sup. to rebuild your enamel faster.

What does teeth whitening do for your teeth?

Tooth whitening can remove stains and discoloration from thesurface and just below the surface of your teeth, making themwhiter, back to the natural color. Tooth bleaching is alsoavailable, which can make the teeth much whiter than their naturalcolor. Either procedure may cause tooth sensitivity or ( Full Answer )