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Viewpoint 1

Subjective morality

Ask yourself -

  • What would of happened if the means hadn't taken place?
  • Additional consequences of the means/end
  • How would the answers to the above questions affected you/society (depending if you are egotistical or a utilitarian)

Viewpoint 2

Objective morality

  • Look at the rules of morality - ie murder is always wrong


A woman is being raped

You can stop this happening by killing the man

Do you stop this from happening?

Objective morality

What would of happened if the means hadn't take place?

  • She would of been raped
  • The child goes to university, becomes the leader of the world and eradicates poverty
  • The rapist is happy

Additional consequences of the means/end

  • The rapists family becomes depressed - his wife shoots herself and the kids end up in care
  • You get a Medal from the police department

IF we could predict the future weighing up the consequences we clearly see that letting the woman get raped is the better option

But we only know that - the woman will be raped an the rapist will enjoy it - most people would say that it is "OK" to kill in those circumstances

Subjective morality

Was it a choice between a greater or a lesser evil forced upon you by the actions of others?

  • Yes, and the greater evil was chosen

therefore u should of passed by

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Q: Does the end justify the means?
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When does the end justify the means?

'The ends justify the means' means that the end result will validate what you had to do to get there. It is usually used it situations that the 'means' are difficult.

Do the means justify the end?


Who wrote the end justify the means?


Who developed the idea that means justify the end?

Mahatma gandhi

The end justify the means or the means justify the end?

It's "the end justifies the means" meaning if you're doing something wrong but for a good reason it's ok. Like Robin Hood stealing from the rich....stealing is wrong but he's giving to or helping the poor in the end. The good deed in the end makes the bad deed seem ok.

Lessons learned of The World Is An Apple by alberto florentino?

the end does not justify the means

Who coined the political philosophy the end justifies the means?

The philosophy which teaches that the "ends justify the means" is Machiavellian philosophy.

What does the end does not justify the means?

It means that even if you have good intentions you should not do illegal things to accomplish those intentions

What is the meaning of 'the end does not justify it'?

First answer (not true):"The end does not justify the means" means that what ever effort or what ever reason you had for doing some thing was not was not justified, because the end result was not what you wanted. And so all of the time and effort to reach that end was wasted.True answer:"The end justifies the means" is a phrase which means that, if you have a goal, it does not matter how you reach it, as long as you reach it. For example, say that your goal is to get an A on a test. If you believe that the end justifies the means, cheating on the test to get the A does not matter to you. All that matters is that you got the A."The end DOES NOT justify the means" is a phrase meaning that you must take a moral route to reach your goal. You cannot break the rules or do anything bad in order to reach your goal. If you wish to get an A on a test and you believe that the end DOES NOT justify the means, you would probably study or use legitimate means to get the A on the test.

The Means justify the end?

The phrase is "the end justifies the means." That means that you think that it is ok to do something nasty if the long range result is good. Taken too far, this can be a very bad policy. The reverse wording, "the means justify the end" makes no sense. "Means" means the method you use to accomplish your goal. Is this suggesting that no matter how evil your goal, it is ok if you use virtuous methods to accomplish it? How is such a thing possible?

The end does not justify the means?

There is no one or final answer. It is a matter of porportionality. It is a matter of degree. Generally speaking though the end does not, in almost all cases, ever justify the means. This question must be answered one step at a time, each step of the way, to the final end. It cannot be bundled into allowing some evil along the way finally in the end leading to a final greater good.

What is means and ends relationship in democracy?

In an democracy, the means do not justify the ends. Even if a certain end is considered beneficial to the country, the people still have to be consulted.

Is terrorism justifiable?

The basic philosophical question here is does the end justify the means. That question is up to the individual person to decide.

What justify in math?

It means give logical reasons for whatever you are trying to justify.

What do you mean if you say the means cannot justify the end?

Even if the end result of your action is good the fact that you must do something bad to achieve that result negates the good.

What is meant by the ethical principle that the end does not justify the means?

It means that even if what you are aiming for in the long run is a positive thing, using negative methods to do it is not justifiable. Hope this helps!

Does the cost of extraction justify the means?

no it does not

What does justified mean?

Justify means to prove that what you said is right.Justify means acceptable, appropriate, etc...................

Who was the philosopher said ang wakas ng nagpapatunay sa kadahilanan?

Niccolo Michiavelli English version: "The end justify the means"

What does justify mean on a word document?

Justify means that the right AND left margins of the text are straight.

What does 'Hell is full of good intentions' mean?

The saying, "Hell is full of good intentions", is often used in response to people who do something wrong, claiming that their intentions were good. It means that the end does not justify the means.

How did president Harry Truman justify the use of the atomic bomb?

President Truman stated that he wanted to end the war and collapse Japan's means to make war.

Who said the ends justify the menas?

"In the actions of men, and especially of Princes, from which there is no appeal, the end justifies the means." - Niccoló Machiavelli, The Prince. 1537

did Malcolm X say the means justify the ends?

No one has ever claimed that the means justify the ends. Some people have claimed that the ends justify the means, but not vice-versa.Malcolm X is associated with the phrase "by any means necessary."

Who said ends justify the means?

Niccolo Machiavelli