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Does the father determine the babys blood at conception?

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Can a man that have o plus blood father a child that is type a blood?

yes because maybe the babys mom did. or maybe other generations of the babys parents did. or on and on.

Does a baby have to have his fathers blood type?

No babys do not need to have the same blood type as there father or ther mother.There blood type is what ever type god gave them if a babys blood type is the same as there father or mother it is just a coincidence. Each of us has a blood type that is partially inherited from each parent. Blood type can rule out a man as a father but can not rule him in

What color will a babys eyes be if the father is BB and the mother is Bb?

Blood red!!!!!!

Can a woman get a blood test and find out the unborn babys DNA?

No the blood test will determine the DNA of the mother not the DNA of the baby

Can an a positive blood type father have an o blood type baby?

First let Me say "Fathers don't have babys, Mothers do" To answer what I think is the intent of the question A AB B and O blood type is completely separate from RH factor which is + or - so The Fathers O blood type has absolutely nothing to do with the Rh factor of the babys blood. A father with Rh + blood can Father a baby with type O (or any other type) blood.

Where does the blood in a baby come from?

Where does the blood of a fetus come from, the father or mother? Each of us makes our own blood. We start making components of the blood at about 2 weeks after conception. The genetics of blood type etc. is a mixture representing the genetics of both father and mother.

What is the role of blood typing in paternity testing?

To determine whether or not the alleged father could be the true father, the blood types of the child, mother, and alleged father are compared.

Could there be any problem in conception for the second time if mother is Rh negative father is Rh positive and the first pregnancy was terminated after forty five days of conception?

If you had a properly supervised termination you should not have any problems. Conception should not be a problem, it is later in pregnancy that your blood may react to the baby's blood if the baby is Rh +, but your doctor will do blood tests for this.

Is it possible to determine who father is without knowing the mothers blood type?


Does digested food pass from the mothers blood to the babys blood?

yes it does

Can an o positive blood type father parent an ab negative type child?

The father does not determine the blood type of the child. A baby is either the blood type of the mother or the father. I believe that in this case, the mother would have to be AB- if the child is AB- and the father is not. If not, there is something wrong in the equation.

What is the role of blood typing in determination of paternity?

A child inherits factors or genes from each parent that determine his or her blood type. This fact makes blood typing useful in paternity testing. The blood types of the child, mother, and alleged father are compared to determine paternity.

Father is A mother is O plus and the baby is O plus is this the father?

Just because the babys blood and the fathers blood is different, it doesnt mean that there is a possibility that he ain't the father. For example, my fathers blood is different from my sisters and including but he still my father. I hope that answered your question. You are A dominant, but you have the O+ recessive gene. To rephrase what the others have said- if the mother is A plus, she would be AA or AO bloodtype. The father is something with an O as well, if the baby has an O. Father could be BO< AO< OO etc. (or he could have negative blood, and still have a positive blood child from this union)

Could there be any conception or pregnancy problems with the blood type female O and male A?

Hiya!No there wont be any conception or pregnancy problems. I haven't heard of any problems occurring with two different blood forms.AnswerWith these blood groups there will be no problem. The only problem may be if the mother is Rhesus negative and the father Rhesus positive, even then it is unlikely.

If moms blood is O positive and dads is O positivecan babys blood type be A positive?


If the father smokes weed at time conception does it affect the baby?

I honestly don't think that would matter. That would not make a difference, but if it was the mother smoking during the pregnancy it would certainly affect the baby. Not during conception though. The father only shares the sperm, not blood. There's no way it would affect the baby.

Can an O positive child have a B negative father and an A positive mother?

If you are trying to determine paternity of a child, you will not like the answer. First off blood type is not a good way to determine paternity as there are several combinations that can result. Obviously if paternity is a question the 2 known factors will be the mother's blood type and the child's blood type. If the mother is type A and the child is type O -- the father can be anyone with a blood type of A, B, or O.. the only blood type the father cannot be is AB (unless of mutation), which doesnt help much, considering that is the rarest blood type --- thus, to determine paternity through blood type.. the father can be anyone of about 98.2% of the male population. So to answer your question... yes, that combination is very possible

Does the fathers sperm determine the blood type?

Blood type is hereditary, but just like eye color or hair color, it can come from either the mother or the father.

Does a brother have the same blood type?

Blood type can vary from person to person even if you are their brother. It has nothing to do with relation. When chromosomes recombine during conception, the blood type is written in the DNA and this can be a match of the father or mother or even a random cross between the two.

Blood cultures are taken to determine?

blood cultures are taken to determine

Does blood type have effect on conception?

i dont know why are you asking ME

Why are babys blooody when it comes righ out?

It is the blood of the woman who gave birth as well as blood from the placenta and it is called afterbirth.

Is he really my father if his blood type is o positive and my mother is o positive and my blood type is b positive?

Blood typing is not a reliable method to determine paternity. If you must know, do DNA testing.

Description of mammals?

most have live babys warm blood has fur or feathers

What will my child's blood type be if I have O and my spouse has A?

Unfortunately you can not determine what your child's blood type will be, however you can narrow it down. Offspring inherit the blood type of either the mother of the father. So your child will either have blood type A or blood type O.