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There is nothing called female sperms. Females have eggs and the male sperm merge with the egg and you get pregnant. Naturally there is nothing inside a vagina that would kill sperm.

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Q: Does the female sperm kill the males sperm?
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How long for female sperm to reach egg?

Only males have sperm. There is no such thing as female sperm.

Does a girl shoot out sperm?

A female does not have sperm. Sperm is found in males only. Sperm is used to get the female pregnant.

Does radiation kill a males sperm?

can you say SUPER SPERM!!!!!!!!!

Can you get pregnant with your own sperm?

If you are female you don't have sperm. Only males have sperm.

Where are eggs produced in males?

males don't have eggs, only the female does. the male has sperm.

Do girls sperm?

No, sperm are produced by males in their testes. Sperm is only produced by males, female produce ovum, or eggs. When a spem and an ovum come together the result is a baby.

What hormones does the male and female reproductive system have?

males have sperm which is inserted by ejaculation and female is the job of have a egg without sperm killing substantces

What carries genes that determine whether a personis male or female?

The males sperm

Difference between male and female sperm?

Although only males produce sperm, that does not mean that all sperm is male. There are two types of sperm: male and female. Male sperm carry the 'y' chromosome; female sperm carry the 'x' chromosome. If all sperm where male, then there would be no females born. Thus, the difference between male and female sperm is that male sperm carries the 'y' chromosome and produces male offspring and female sperm carries the 'x' chromosome and produces female offspring.

If there is two male mouses in a cage and one female mouse gave birth will the males eat or kill the babies?

the males will eat and kill the babies

Are there female worker bees?

All worker bees are female. The males are called drones and their sole function is to provide sperm to the queen.

Will a male kill a female?

Yes. Don't keep males and females together.

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