Does the food go to the rectum after the large intestines?

Updated: 5/13/2021
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Q: Does the food go to the rectum after the large intestines?
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Rectum or Anus where does waste go after intestines?

Waste goes into the rectum.

Where does undigested food go?

large intestine

What organ does waste go through after the large intestines?

The only thing that waste goes through after the large intestine is the rectum (which is a structure but not really an organ).

How does your rectum break down food?

The rectum doesn't do anything to break down food. By the time "food" reaches the large intestine, what was at one time "food" is then liquefied waste. In the small intestines, fluid is added. So in the large intestines, the fluid is pulled back out of the waste and then pushed toward the kidneys to process it. As the fluid is pulled back, the liquefied wastes become semi-solid (to very dry solid if constipated). After going through the last part of the large intestines, the solid waste (stool, feces) is pushed into the top of the rectum. The rectum acts as a holding receptacle and as a nerve center that sets off a "gotta go" signal through a feeling of fullness, e.g. pressure on the nerves in the walls of the rectum. The rectum is about 10-12cm in length. So it can hold a lot of waste. Also, because the intestines and rectum are basically round tubes, resulting in us having a mostly rounded stool (unless we end up with too much water left in the waste, resulting in diarrhea. As you can see, the rectum has nothing to do with breaking down food.

Where the food go after passing the small intestines?

The large intestine.

Where does peristalsis move food to?

Peristalsis starts in the back of the tongue and moves food down the esophagus to the stomach. The food is later squeezed into the small intestines where peristalsis moves the food 'bolus' (BOW-luss) down the small intestines to the large intestine, or colon. Peristalsis in the colon moves the bolus into the rectum, which makes you feel like you have to go to the bathroom. Peristalsis in the colon and rectum force the bolus down and out and into the toilet.

Where does your food go after the small intestines?

Into the Large intestine were it then absorbs water

What is the organ that food go through before stomach?

The mouth and then the esophagus.

What parts does your food go through?

mouth, esophagus, stomach, large and small intestines, and the colon.("'\(o.o)/"')

Were does the food go after the small intestien?

Food moves from the large intestine to the small intestine. Food waste is then stored in the rectum until expelled through the anus.

What is the organ that food goes into before the small intestines?

Food will go to the stomach and then to the large intestine after that before it goes to the small intestine.

Where does the food go after passing the large intestine?

It goes into your rectum so that it can be passed out your anus as waste...As in a bowel movement (Poo)!!