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Does the guy still like me?

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We have to assume that he liked you in the first place, and then we have to assume he knows you, because we don't don't know who you or 'the guy' are.

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Be friends.If he still doesn't like you then move on to a different person.

I am sure that the guy will say yes he still likes his truck but he would like a new one with not payments....

I guess she still could like the guy, but if she is looking for a relationship with a guy, she might want to think about moving on to bigger and better things.

Yeah. A guy can like a woman who's married just like a girl can like a guy who's married.

a guy can stop texting u but he still needs to tell u how he feels about u

Yes, millions upon millions of people watch and presumably like Family Guy

if you still like him and he still likes you, GO FOR IT! nothing should be in your way

YEAH!! Boys probably stare at you because they like you and are afraid to talk to you.

well, it depends see if the guy u still like has feelings for u to, and so if u don't like ur boyfriend that much and u like this guy more go dump your bf that's what i would to

if you still like them and you guy broke up on good terms and you think there might still be something there then go for it...

if a guy does not like you back, the best thing to do is to move on and find someone who actually likes you. Because if you dont and you still are waiting for this guy then you might miss the chance to go out with another really great guy.

Of course he does! He must do! If he is still jealous when you talk to your guy friends he must not want to share you with anyone! But just tell him that you think he is too overprotective coz he loves you and wants to make you happy so he will probably relax a bit Xxx

well if u like the guy that u cheated on and he doesnt know it in order to stay with him u shouldnt tell him if u like the guy who u cheated with then dump the guy u cheated on and go out with the other guy u like if u dont know if the guy u cheated with likes u then find out and if u like him more then the guy ur with dump him and go with the guy who ur in love with

yeah he can but i wouldn't mess with him if i were yew

If he's still hanging around or dating you then he still likes you.

There is no public proof of Brooke Montgomery stating that she still likes guys. She does like SpongeBob Squarepants, who is a guy.

well being a guy i had an well week like this just i was the one that never talk to her again but most likely he will still like you just give it time

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